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Why Apartments Make The Most of Your Commute

Apartment Living
Where apartments have always had its perks ranging from little to no responsibility for maintenance and up-keep to lower or all-inclusive payments for rents and utilities, there is one perky aspect of apartment renting that is commonly overlooked: the decent commute.  Apartment complexes are commonly located in central areas making them the perfect distance from shops, malls, dining and entertainment venues as well as business districts.  Houses are generally constructed in suburban areas making for a longer commute toward city life.  Ovation’s apartment complexes are generally located near major highways making the commute a cinch depending on one’s proximity to work.
Ovation’s Henderson Area apartment complexes are centrally located in Clark County, the second largest city in Nevada.  Henderson offers great sites, entertainment options and venues.  Ovation’s Henderson complexes include the Tempo, Adiamo, Arzano, Chateau Calais, Firenze and Verona, which all offer quick and easy commutes to the business oriented Water Street District.  Bloomberg Businessweek has considered the Henderson area as "One of the Best Cities to Live in America" and with a decent commute to work, schools, and shopping areas, the list just keeps growing.
Including the Altessa, Madera, San Croix, Tuscany, and Venicia all of which offer nearby shopping, dining, recreation, schools, art and entertainment.  The Summerlin/Lakes area is convenient for commuters because of its close proximity to major highways such as the I-215 beltway, the Summerlin Parkway and the Desert Inn Arterial.
Another positive aspect of living within a good commute distance from work is the close proximity to public transportation, gas stations, rental car agencies and other amenities in well populated areas.  This propinquity creates the necessary backup plan to emergency situations.  There is nothing worse than needing to have your car serviced without a backup plan for travel to work.  If you live within walking distance of public transportation, this alleviates issues concerning a method commuting to work in the days in which you are without a vehicle.  In the alternative, being in close proximity to rental agencies creates another independent solution to a minor issue.  Another advantage to living in an apartment complex within a well populated area is the benefit of aid.  Gas stations, hotels and much more are at your convenience in the event your car breaks down and you are seemingly stranded.  Many suburban areas lack cell tower coverage leaving you without a means of communication but luckily, with gas stations or other businesses between work and home, rescue is just a phone call away to a taxi company or friend.
Ovation Property Management’s representatives are here to help you find a place that you will not only love because of the complex’s spectacular amenities but also within locations that will help you make the most out of your commute.  Call, email or stop by today!

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