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Which Web Browser Is Right For You?

As the internet has exploded, there have become more and more ways to access it. How do you know what web browser is the best for you? As with everything, different browsers are right for different situations. Below we will examine the top web browser options so you can decide if the one you are using is the best option for you!

Google Chrome

Chrome is one of the most reliable and high-performance web browsers. If you have an android device, Google Chrome is your default browser. There is a Chrome app for iPhones that is high speed and, in most cases, better than the Apple default browser, Safari. What sets Google Chrome apart from other web browsers is how well it can sync with other things you do. For example, Chrome can save all of your passwords that you use for logins. This can make surfing the internet a much smoother and less stressful experience. You login using your Google account, so every time you go to a different device you can login and have all of your information saved. Another advantage of Chrome is the security. Chrome updates come out all the time and update automatically. They frequently release updates that add new security measures to protect you and your information. Chrome is great for anyone, but especially for people who use the internet a lot and do different things on it. If you have multiple logins on different sites, it can become a real hassle to keep things straight. Google Chrome is a great way to make your travels on the internet smoother.


If you have an Apple device, you have Safari. It is the default browser for all Apple devices; however, a lot of Apple users use different ones. Safari may not be as popular as Chrome, but it still has its advantages. Safari is one of the fastest browsers, as its primary use is on mobile devices. As with most browsers, in recent years tons has been done to ensure users security while using Safari. Safari is an especially great browser if you read a lot of news or books on the internet. It has “reader view” which turns webpages into much more readable versions on a smaller screen. Text is focused on and enlarged, making it a great browser on phones. Safari is perfect for a person who won’t be using it for social media or other things with lots of logins, but rather someone who enjoys reading news and anything else on the internet.


Firefox’s has been losing popularity in recent years, but not because of the performance of the browser. As the world goes more mobile, browsers like Chrome and Safari that are default on the most popular cell phones have exploded in popularity. There is an app for Firefox, however it is not the most mobile friendly browser. On a desktop computer, Firefox works great. It has the same feature as Chrome, so it will automatically update to ensure you are using the latest security measures. Firefox is great for people who are technical and wish to do a lot developing or work on websites. If you are the everyday internet user, Firefox may not be right for you. It can be a little clunky and does not have the ability to save logins like Chrome and Safari do.


Odds are you have at least heard of the other browsers on this list, but you probably don’t know what Opera is. In reality, it is one of the oldest web browsers still in use today. There are not a lot of scenarios that make sense to use Opera as it is a little outdated today. It is still updated frequently, but it’s old age makes it so some websites load slowly or not at all. Unless there is a special situation where Opera is required, there are not a lot of uses for it.
Choosing a web browser is probably a much bigger decision than you think. It can really change the experience you have on the internet and even put you at risk if you are not careful. Google Chrome is the preferred browser in most situations (around 50% of the internet uses it), but it really depends on exactly what you will be using the internet for.

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