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Where To Drink Craft Beer In Las Vegas

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What’s a good old American past time without a specially crafted beer in hand?  A bad time.  Society has always included beer as a part of festivity.  From the days of prohibition to the present, beer and its counterparts have found a way to integrate itself into any celebration.  Although originating in the United Kingdom, craft beer has gained popularity in the States over the last few decades.  Smaller breweries are taking control of their ale stock, crafting various renditions of classic ale focusing on taste and flavor over mass production.  Craft brewers market products based on the quality of its ingredients and the diversity of its affects on the human palate.  This growing commodity has been making its way through the US overpowering the attraction of lower prices based off of the lowered quality associated with typical mass produced beers and beverages.  Las Vegas is no stranger to this ever growing trend offering a diverse assemblage of top notch breweries and restaurants that are sure to have you refusing anything that isn’t personally crafted.
Big Dog’s Craft House is a one-of-a-kind pub featuring 21 active beers crafted in styles ranging from American Amber, Light Lager, and the American Stout to Weizenbock and Belgian Strong Pale Ale.  Big Dog’s Craft House has an amazing menu to add to its attractive beer list.  Its highly rated Dry Hopped Double Dog tops their list of palate busting ales.  It's made from American IPA, a very pale golden to reddish amber colored ale with a large herbal and/or citric character.  The bitterness is high, but the balancing malt backbone creates a mellow enchantment.   Their Double Dirty Dog is crafted from American Double/Imperial IPA.  This robust ale has a malty, heavily fermented taste.  Termed “Double” for its hearty burst of flavor, the Double Dirty Dog is not for lightweights.
The Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery features 9 specially crafted beers.  The crafting process of its Triple 7 V.I.P.A. (Falconer’s Flight) is said to be inspired by the Belgium brewing style known as Quadrupel.  Producing darker hues of reds and browns, this sweet ale is full bodied with moderate phenol levels.   The Triple 7’s Zeus DIPA is specially crafted through the American Double/Imperial IPA style pushing more robust flavors.
Venues such as the Aces and Ales and Burger Bar also house a number of choice crafted beers for their patrons to enjoy.  The 24-hour, Aces and Ales maintains an outstanding rating based on its exquisite service and astonishing establishment.  Featuring a number of specially crafted beers, Aces and Ales is well deserving of its high rating.
Overall, Las Vegas has no shortage of dining and drinking options when it comes to coveting that specially crafted beer or lager.  Whether you wish to eat-in, dine-out or simply stop in and purchase beer that has been crafted with care and specificity, Vegas offers establishments and venues that will suit your needs.

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