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What to Put In Your Linen Closet

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This may seem like an obvious one--keep linens in your linen closet. The main question is how much linens and what are the best ways to store them. When you’re living in an apartment, you don’t have ample storage space, so you have to smart about how you organize your things. It can be easy to get sucked in to buying all of the pretty towels at your favorite store but stick to only buying the essentials. By keeping things trim, you’ll have more space in your closet, as well as save money.
How Much:
1. Bed Sheets: On average per bed, you should have two sets of sheets with the matching pillowcases, 1-2 blankets, and one comforter. Typically, the bed will be dressed with a set of sheets and the comforter. You can keep the extra set of sheets and the blankets in the linen closet.
2. Bath Towels: Each person living in the house should have two large bath towels, two washcloths, and two hand towels. Have one set out to use, and the other folded up in the closet. If you like to shower with the wash clothes, then it’s fine to have a few extras. Those little guys don’t take up too much space. To keep you from wasting water and from constantly having to do laundry, reuse the bath towels and hand towels for a few days. After showering, hand the towels to dry. You can toss them in the hamper by day 3-5 depending on often they get used.
3. Guest Rooms: For your guests, you want to have at least one set of bath towels, a hand towel, and two washcloths. As well as one fresh set of sheets to throw on in a moment’s notice. Sometimes, guests are expected, and other times it’s a spur of the moment decision to have a friend stay the night. By having these on hand, you’ll always be a hospitable host to any guest at any time of day.
Where to Store:
Choose a closet that is either inside the bathroom, or next to it to designate as your linen closet. Keep the other closets for clothes, coats, and whatever else you may need to store. Keep your bed sheets on upper shelves because you won’t reach for them as often, and they are less weight to take from overhead. Have the large towels folded and placed on a lower shelf, and the hand towels and wash clothes folded on the middle shelf. If you have room, you can store extra toilet paper and soap on the bottom.
It is easy to fold the flat rectangular items like the pillowcases and towels, but it’s difficult to fold the dreaded fitted sheet. One trick is to turn the odd shape into a rectangle by holding the sheet by the sewn corners. For more help, you can watch a tutorial here.
By keeping things organized and to a minimum, you can fit more in your closet while still being prepared for guests. After you wash and dry the linens be sure to put them back in the same location every time. By keeping up with your linen closet, you’ll never be stuck drip drying after your shower, and you’ll be prepared for guests to stay the night.

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