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What Seniors Should Look For When Apartment Hunting:

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The best years of life are the ones that are in front of you. Retirement age is the golden age of fun. You have all the time that you want and get to spend time with the ones that you love. Downsizing to an apartment is an excellent idea. You don’t have to worry about the lawn, and you won’t have as much to clean and take care of. Not all apartments are the same. Look for ones that are suited for all ages, and especially those who are seniors. Here’s what seniors should look for when apartment hunting:
1. Easy Access: As you age, you need to have things that are easily accessible. From parking to wheelchairs ramps, you want to find a place that has thought of everything.
  • The building: Look for ramps, or stairless entries to all of the buildings on site. See if there is an elevator in good repair, and doors that automatically open.
  • In The Apartment: Be on the lookout for easy access to all of the nooks and crannies in the apartment. You should be able to easily reach the cabinets, microwave, and other appliances without strain. If it’s not something that suits your needs, ask if they have a different floor plan that you can view. You want to see doorways that are large enough for wheelchairs and handicap accessible.
2. Community Oriented: In your senior years, it’s a great idea to have a community. You’re going to have plenty of free time, and you want to have friends close by who are interested in the same things that you are. You want to find a place that has community events and spaces that allow for groups to get together. These are usually part of the amenities, like a club house, a pool, gym, and outdoor spaces.
3. Safety: First and foremost, you want to be in a place that is safe. Check out the neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Look at the crime rate on the map and ask the residents who are currently living there to share with you their opinion on the area. Inside the building, you want to see plenty of lights and generators in case of a power outage, sprinklers for fires, and easy access escape plans if something does go wrong.
4. Laundry: One of the biggest hassles is laundry. It seems to be never ending, and it’s a pain to carry loads of clothes up to and from a laundromat. Try to find a place that has in-house laundry facilities. The best-case scenario is a place that has hook ups inside the apartment, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.
5. Location: You don’t want to have to travel long distances for all of the daily things that you need. Find a place that has convenient grocery stores, pharmacists, doctors, and restaurants. It’ll keep costs low, so you don’t have to keep traveling across town. It’s also good in case of emergencies. You’ll be right there if you need to see a doctor immediately.
Have the best time living in a welcoming community where you feel safe. Take your time to find the right apartment with the best location, people, and services. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for the things that are the most important to you.

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