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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2018

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It’s the only home we have, and we all share it! It’s time to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, and the best ways to do that are to show the Earth how much we love her.
One of the biggest struggles that our planet is facing from pollution is the overuse of plastics. Plastic bags, bottles, and other plastic garbage is covering our lovely Earth, and making it difficult for land and marine life to thrive. Animals get caught in the trash, or unknowingly eat it and die. Our soil is also being destroyed by it. The chemical makeup of plastic is one that won’t break down until hundreds of millions of years go by. By that time, it will be too late.
Celebrate Earth Day by Making Earth Resolutions:
At the start of the New Year, we make New Year’s Resolutions. Well, for this year’s Earth Day, let’s make Earth Resolutions. We want to form new and better habits that will stop pollution and protect our land.
1. Recycle More: Before dumping everything into the trash, ask yourself if it’s something that can be recycled. Sorting out plastics and paper products can cut down on the creation of new plastics and save more trees from being cut down. Let’s reuse the things that we have to be more responsible in how we treat the Earth.
2. Compost Excess Food: Americans throw out so much food. We buy excess amounts that we never eat, or we have picky eaters who push things aside on their plates. Don’t trash the food. Instead, you can make a healthy compost that your garden will love. Even though those things didn’t get eaten the way they were intended, it can still go to good use by creating rich soil for a healthy garden.
3. Drive Less: Make a commitment to drive less, walk more, or carpool to common areas to create less air pollution from emission fumes. It’s also a great way to get more exercise and save on gas money.
4. Plant More Things: Bring life back to the earth by planting more things. Have a small patio garden of your favorite flowers or start a community garden to promote new life.
5. Don’t Waste: We’ve become used to having things at our fingertips, and we have forgotten how precious fresh water is. Make an extra effort to conserve more water by taking shorter showers and not letting the faucet run while washing dishes or brushing your teeth.
Small changes can make a big impact! When we work as a team to respect our Earth, then we will start to see dramatic changes. Let’s all agree to make a new habit that will protect our planet.
If you’re looking for more ways to get involved and celebrate Earth Day in Las Vegas, go to GREENfest. You’ll find tons of things to do and be a part of when you go to GREENfest. You’ll learn all about the Earth and why what you’re doing to protect her is so important.

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