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Ways To Avoid the Midday Slump

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Everyone at some point during their career has experienced the midday slump. It’s that feeling after lunch where your mind starts to wonder, you are fidgety in your chair, and you can’t stop yawning. You’ll start to start at the clock, and each second will seem to go by slower and slower. Here are a few ways to help you get over that midday slump. 
1. Go Outside for 10 Minutes: Get up, move around some, and go outside. There’s something about reconnecting with nature and feeling the sun on your skin that has the power to give you more energy to keep going. Step away from your desk for a few minutes, and recharge with the sun to clear your mind. The vitamin D that you get from the sun will keep your brain active. By getting up and moving around, you’ll increase blood flow and stop all of the yawning. 
2. Have a Cup of Tea: Too much coffee can dehydrate you and make it difficult to sleep at night. If you’re looking for a healthy caffeine boost, then try having a cup of tea during the midday instead. You can find a variety of flavors and brews to see which one you like the best. Having something warm can also perk you up. 
3. Stretch: Being stuck in a chair all day can make you stiff and irritable. Your mind will start to wonder, and sooner than later, you’ll realize that you’ve wasted a bunch of time. Keep yourself sharp and focused by stretching every now and then. Give yourself a routine of breaks throughout the day. You’ll be more mindful while you are working and use your break times more effectively. Stand up, stretch your back, your arms, your calves, and get some action in your legs. Stretching can energize your muscles, create more blood flow, and loosen up tight joints.
4. Make a Personal Call: Take a mental break by connecting with a loved one. Stress can creep in during the day, making your brain want to turn off. Lower your stress and show someone you love them by reaching out for a personal call during the day. Step away from your desk and talk to someone that you haven’t heard from in a while. It’ll do your mind wonders to laugh and chat for a few minutes. 
5. Eat a Protein Snack: What you eat also affects the energy levels that you have. Heavy carbohydrates can zap your energy. Look for snacks that will keep you full and replace your energy by eating protein. Have a handful of nuts, eat a boiled egg, have cheese and crackers, or a few pieces of jerky. 
6. Peppermint: Our minds are closely connected with our sense of smell. That’s why athletes will use smelling salts to jump back into the game. You can do the same with a little bit of peppermint. Have peppermint tea, suck on a peppermint lozenge, or put one to two drops of peppermint oil in your hands during the middle of the day to recharge your brain. 
Find your technique to help you move through the day without dragging. Try breathing techniques, listen to your favorite song, or take a walk around the building. Set a timer so that you remember to take your personal break time so that the slump never has a chance to hit you. 

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