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Vacation Spots Outside Of Vegas

Each year, millions of people come from all over the globe to visit Las Vegas. Many come hoping to strike it rich at the blackjack tables or on the slots. Others come for the unforgettable MMA fights or shows on the strip. And some come to Vegas just looking for a quick break away from reality back at home while tanning on the deck of a rooftop pool all day long.
But while Vegas, there are some true hidden gems that are just a short drive away. These top vacation spots outside of Vegas are certainly worth taking a trip to, which is why they’ve made this list. Whether you call Sin City home, you’re just visiting, or you’re ready to make the move into a luxury Las Vegas apartment or strip-side condo - here’s a look at some of the best vacation spots outside of Vegas.

The Grand Canyon

People come from far and wide to see the Grand Canyon, which is perfect when you consider how large this natural beauty is. Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas are just a short 4-hour drive away. Once you arrive, feast your eyes on the unforgettable views that you have to see to believe. The colors that you’ll see bounce off the walls of the Grand Canyon are simply something that should be on every person’s bucket list, which makes it the perfect short trip for those looking to do something outside of Vegas.

Zion National Park

Located in Utah, Zion National Park is only about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the Vegas Strip. Those that are looking for beautiful hiking trails or other outdoor adventures should surely make the time to visit Zion National Park. If you’ve driven to Vegas, then you’ll be even happier to know that there are RV camps and other accommodation options nearby. If that’s the option, you may end up staying for a few days, as Zion National Park has plenty to be explored. Related: Top 5 Things you Must See in Zion National Park

Los Angeles

Those that have never visited west of the Rocky Mountains should take the time to visit the City Of Angels while in Vegas. Los Angeles is a 4-hour drive from Sin City, but it’s one that is full of fun and scenic views. Once you hit one of the busiest cities in America, you’ll find countless options for entertainment. Head over to Korea town and you’ll forget that you are in America, or head down to Rodeo Dr. for some souvenirs that you can take home with you. If Vegas is a once in a lifetime trip, be sure to add Los Angeles to the adventure.
There are so many reasons to come to Vegas that many people find it hard to leave after their visit. But if you are in Sin City and you want to explore a few things just outside of the strip, then the options on this list are ideal for short getaways. Whether you have a few hours before your poker match starts or you want to take a few days away from the bright lights, any of the vacation spots outside of Vegas on this list will make for an unforgettable experience.

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