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Unique Accent Colors

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When you take a look around your home, what do you see? Is your color palette simple and understated? Do you gravitate to bright colors? Or do you love to mix it up and add some bright pops of color to your decor?
Dylan Lauren said, “I’ll offset neutral shades with bright colors. It helps me stand out without looking cartoonish.” Accent colors are a great way to add a splash of brightness to your decor. They’re an excellent way to push the boundaries of what might be your typical color palette. If you’re considering adding an accent color to your design style, it might be time to pick something bold and unusual. 
And, while people often talk about painting an accent wall in their home to showcase a bold color, it doesn’t need to be an entire wall. You can choose accessories in your chosen color and make a statement. Not sure which color to choose? Consider one of these:
  • Lime Green: Lime green is another unique accent color that is trending right now due to the return of neon in popularity. Lime green goes well with black, pink, white, brown, yellow, and other shades of green. And, while you may think that lime green might overpower your decor, because it’s still in the green family, it tends to have a calming effect on your space. Check out a few of these lime green pieces:
Are you ready to bring a pop of color to your home? Which accent color are you drawn to? If you’re not sure you’re ready to bring a bright color to your living room, think about starting small. Perhaps use one of these colors in a bathroom or on your porch or patio. You’ll be surprised by how much a little color can change the look of a room.

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