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Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Home

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Do you want to get your side-hustle on? Everyone can benefit from some extra cash in easy jobs. It barely takes a few minutes out of your day for you to earn extra money. We’ve all heard of Uber and Lyft, but not everyone wants to tote strangers around in their car at odd hours of the night. Here are a few other options that can put a few more dollars in your pocket each month.
1. Dog Walking: Do you love animals? Then dog walking is right up your alley. It’s easy, and fun to take a causal walk with your neighbors' dogs. There are reputable sites where you can get paired up with local dogs and dog owners who are in need of a good walker. Rover is one of the top sites to sign up with. They do take a slight cut, but it’s worth it. Once you establish a relationship, then you can discuss payment outside of Rover. You get to set your own rates, and the requests come to you from your profile. Plus, you get a little exercise while you play with man’s best friend. It’s a win all around!
2. Don’t Delete Emails: There can be gold found in your email history. Paribus will review your emailed receipts and send you cash back for affiliated partners. You literally do nothing, but download the app to your computer and sync up your email address. You do have to have Gmail, outlook, or yahoo for it to work. Once you get your cash back, you can use it towards other purchases!
3. Mystery Shopping: We shop all the time. We might as well get paid for making the purchases that we make every day. It can apply towards anything like grocery stores, clothing lines, and gas stations. Make sure to do your research on the company that you are registering with. There are a number of agencies out there who want to scam you. A red flag is any company that requires you to pay them or is offering $30/job. Realistically, you can expect about $8-$10/job. Even though it’s not a ton of money, it’s easy money for going to places you were already visiting. Secret Shopper is a well-known company, that generally has great offers.
4. Freelance: Do you have some computer skills? Are you able to design graphics, write, or do data entry? Then, you can become a freelancer. You can take on jobs in your free time that you can do from any location with a computer and internet access. You get to choose what types of jobs you accept, and you set the rates. The best part is that you get to work on your own time. You can choose to be a freelancer in your spare time, or you can make it your full-time job. Upwork is a great source to get started.
5. Apps: What can’t our phones do nowadays? There are apps that you can download that can help you rake in the cash. There are apps like mobileXpression that monitor your web-browsing history and send you rewards, or there are other apps like Ibotta where you redeem receipts for cash back. Keep browsing your phone like you normally would, and you’ll reap rewards like $25 amazon gift cards. It’s easy money.
Thanks to the world wide web, making money from home is easier than ever. It’s simple to do a little work here and there on the side from the comfort of your sofa. Marketers love to see when and where you are searching for things on the web, so they know when to target their audience. They’ll pay top dollar to know what your purchases and browsing history are. Keep up exactly what you are doing but get paid to do it!

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