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Top 5 Movies / TV Shows Set In Las Vegas

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Sin City has it all. That’s one reason that it’s one of the most well known places in the entire world. That - and it also doesn’t hurt that many blockbuster movies and primetime television series are set in Sin City. Among all those must-sees, here are the top 5 movies / TV shows set in Las Vegas.

The Hangover

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, or maybe if you don’t like comedy, you’ve seen The Hangover. This hilarious film featuring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Justin Bartha follows three friends as they search for their buddy during his bachelor party. A night that no one remembers turns into a wild adventure trying to piece everything back together.

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars has changed reality TV the way that shows like Survivor and Real World did a decade or more ago. Pawn Stars, which is set in Las Vegas, follows a pawn store owner and his family, as they provide financial evaluations to a variety of different things that come through their door. You’ll never guess how much some of this stuff is worth, which might have you going through your garage after an episode.

Oceans Eleven

One of the greatest heist films of all time, Oceans Eleven is set in Vegas for both the original and the remake. Of course we love the latest spinoffs with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and company, but you can’t ignore the original that started it all. Many of the greatest thefts in history dream of ripping off Las Vegas, including the team in Oceans Eleven.

CSI: Las Vegas

CSI is one of the most popular shows on CBS prime time television. So popular, the series even expanded its umbrella to cover CSI: Las Vegas. Ranging from sex crimes to murders and thefts, there is a variety of different scenarios that play out in this series. And being set in Sin City, you’ll see tons of famous places along the strip.

The Godfather - Part I

It’s hard to find a list that the Godfather doesn't belong on. You don’t have to be a mobster in training to appreciate this classic, which has a variety of scenes that take place in Vegas. If you want to be the boss and live the life, Vegas is a place to set your dreams. Tony Montana had it all and spent all his money in Vegas, on women, gambling, and more. Come say hello to his little friend, and check out the Godfather as one of the top movies set in Vegas. Vegas ranks among the top cities in the world to play as the backdrop for a blockbuster film or prime time televisions series. Among them, the five listed here are certainly some of the best. They give viewers an idea of what Vegas looks like - or they at least continue to illuminate the allure that is Sin City to many viewers around the world.

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