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Tips to Help You Take Better Photos With Your Phone

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Are you always striving to take better photos with your phone? As phone cameras have improved, it’s becoming easier and easier to do. Of course, it takes practice to take consistently good photos with your phone. And maybe a few tips! Use these tips to help you take better photos with your phone.

Clean Your Lens

This seems like such a basic tip, but when was the last time you cleaned off the lens of your phone’s camera? A clean lens will definitely help you take better pictures. 
There are several ways you can clean your camera lens. You can use compressed air to blow off any dust that may be on your lens. You can use a microfiber cloth (like you’d use for eyeglasses) to wipe away any fingerprints or dirt. Or, if you think you have dust under the lens, take it to a reputable phone repair shop who may be able to help.

Choose Natural Light When Possible

Natural light is actually the simplest and easiest form of light to use when taking photos. It’s perfect for creating gorgeous portraits. There’s no additional equipment needed and no need to mess with a flash. Simply play with your position, or the position of your subject, to make the most of your natural light.

Focus on Your Subject

Have you ever looked at a photo and wondered what the photographer was looking at? It should be readily apparent from a photo what the subject matter is. If not, your focus in incorrect. 

Use HDR Mode

Phone cameras are now equipped with HDR - High Dynamic Range filter. You can easily switch to HDR when using your camera to help keep the lightest and darkest parts of your photo in balance. Just be sure to keep your camera steady when taking a photo in HDR.

Steady Yourself

There’s nothing worse than taking a photo and looking at it to only find out it’s blurry and out of focus. Most likely it’s because you weren’t steady while taking your picture. Try to find a way to steady your camera while taking your picture. You can rest it on something or purchase a small tripod for your phone. 

Learn the Rule of Thirds

All photographers will talk about the rule of thirds. This rule states that you to break your image into thirds both vertically and horizontally. You should then place your subject in the intersections or along the lines. This will give you a balanced photo that viewers will like.

Switch Up Your Perspective

It’s quite standard to take a photo from the standing position, but have you ever thought about changing your perspective. Get down on the ground and see what your photo looks like. Or, climb a ladder and shoot from above. By changing the angle, you shoot from, you can create some interesting views that will make for more creative shots.

Avoid Zooming In

Yes, your phone’s camera has zoom available. But avoid using it. Instead, move closer to your subject to keep your image clear and sharp. 

Download Some Apps

There are LOTS of great apps available to use with your phone. Most of them will help you with editing your photo after it’s been taken. Experiment with several apps to find your favorites. 
As with everything in life, practice will help improve your technique. Take the time to implement these tips and see how your photos improve. Remember, while phones’ cameras have been improving by leaps and bounds, it’s still the photographer who is responsible for a great image.

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