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Tips for Thrift Shop Shopping in Las Vegas

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If you love to shop but hate paying full prices, then you may occasionally hit the local thrift shops. Of course, if you haven’t tried thrift shopping - you really should give it a try. Thrifting has become a great way to pick up some great deals on gently used merchandise - that’s often brand named. But, there are some tips and tricks you should use when it comes to thrift shopping. After all, you want to go when the merchandise is plentiful, and you can find the best deals.

Make Sure You Have a Plan

Before you head out the door, make sure you have a plan. You need to know what you’re buying and where you’re going. Don’t hesitate to make a list of what you’re hunting for! This will also prevent you from making purchases that you don’t need just because something is “so cheap.”

Be Sure You Know the Store’s Return Policy

Lots of thrift stores have a “no returns” policy - meaning it’s yours when you buy it. And, lots of thrift stores have limited (or no) dressing rooms. If you’re buying clothes, think about what you’re wearing. A tank top will make it easy to try things on over it, and a skirt will allow you to try on pants underneath it - and you could probably get away with doing it in the middle of the store.

Know What the Stores Specialize In

Certain thrift stores are known for carrying certain merchandise. Savers is known for having clothing. Refinery Celebrity Resale Boutique is known for having designer labeled clothes. While you may head to Goodwill if you are searching for furniture.

Know When to Go

It may be tempting to shop on Saturdays, but thrift stores are crowded on Saturdays, and you can easily find yourself getting frustrated as you search for steals. But, be sure to ask your favorite thrift store when they re-stock merchandise. It’s often in the middle of the week, and it might make for a great after-work stop to check out what’s new.

Shop Off-Season

If you’re looking to save even more money, then shop off-season. Thrift stores do mark-downs too, and if you can put a few things away for the next season, you’ll love the deals you can find.

Assess Everything

Be sure you take the time to assess everything you want to purchase. Make sure all of the zippers work. Don’t be afraid to plug in electronics to make sure they’re functional. Check for scratches and dents. You want to make sure what you’re buying is in the best condition possible.

Donate Before You Buy

If your closets are getting a little full, maybe before you head out thrifting you can do a closet clean out and make a donation. Some thrift shops offer you discounts on your purchase when you make a donation - so that’s a win-win.

Pay by Cash

If you want to make sure you don’t overspend while thrifting, pay in cash. This will help you stick to your budget and refrain from impulse buys. (Also, some thrift shops operate on a cash-only basis.)

Be Patient

Thrifting requires some patience. Most stores have a lot of merchandise, and you’ll definitely have to do some scanning and sifting to find what you’re looking for. But don’t give up. Even if you don’t see what you want on your first time out - you might find it the next time.
In today’s world where everyone wants to save money and help the environment, thrifting can really help. Are you a fan of thrift shopping? Where do you go to find good bargains in Las Vegas?

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