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Things You Should Have for Your Apartment - But May Not!

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When you move into an apartment, you often have a long list of things you want and need, like small appliances, additional furniture, or artwork for your walls. You spend time getting settled in and setting up your apartment to make it feel like home.
But, as time goes on, you may find that you are missing a few small, yet important, things that every apartment should have. Rather than wait to figure out what you may be missing, use this handy list to get started. You’ll be happy you have the things on this list should the need ever arise.

Small fire extinguisher

Your apartment has smoke detectors, but do you have a small fire extinguisher? A small fire extinguisher is a must for any apartment. Your fire extinguisher can be easily stored in your kitchen and may help you avoid extensive damage should you ever have the misfortune of a small fire in your apartment.


Definitely not a glamorous item for your apartment, but the next time you are at your local home improvement store, pick one up. A plugged up toilet can normally be easily fixed with this handy tool and save you from waiting for maintenance.


A bucket most definitely makes this list. For mopping floors or collecting water from small leaks until maintenance can arrive, you want to have a bucket in your home. Most dollar stores have buckets so there’s absolutely no excuse not to have one.

Small assortment of tools

Of course, all major repairs in your apartment should be done by maintenance. But, there will be times when you need a screwdriver, a hammer, or some other small tool to do some simple things around your apartment. While you’re at the home improvement store picking up a few other things on this list, pick up a selection of popular tools. You can often find a pre-assembled “apartment tool kit” that will meet most of your needs.


Until you experience a power outage, you won’t understand why you need a flashlight. With a wider and brighter light than most cell phones can provide, a flashlight can come in handy in your apartment.

Extra batteries

Have a stock of batteries around just in case. You never know when you might need new batteries for that flashlight of yours. Or, if your smoke detectors run on batteries, that chirping in the middle of the night when the batteries are low is extremely annoying. Buy a multipack with all different sizes and you’ll have your bases covered.


This is another item that you may not know you need until you do! If you have small children you may not want matches in your home, but a lighter with a safety switch can do the same thing.

Sewing Kit

A small sewing kit is great for quickly sewing on a button or fixing a small rip or tear. Don’t let your favorite shirt just sit in the closet because it’s missing a button when a few quick stitches could have it ready to go.

Portable Phone Charger

This is another great thing to have if the power goes out. Your cell phone is probably with you at all times and it may or may not be fully charged. Purchase a portable charger in case you have an extended period without power so that you can stay in communication with people.

First Aid Kit

Pick up a small first aid kit to handle the minor mishaps that may happen at your apartment. Most well-equipped small first aid kits will have a selection of bandages and gauze, along with some antibiotic ointments, a cold compress, tweezers, a CPR mask and much more. And you can take it with you if you’re traveling or heading out hiking for the day, too!

Renter’s Insurance

You should have renter’s insurance. Check with your insurance provider to see what a policy will cover. You will often find it may cover a hotel should you need it and, of course, the replacement of your things should they be stolen or damaged in a catastrophic event.
What things on this list do you already have? What items do you need to pick up? Are there things that should be added? Many of the items on this list will go a long way in providing you with an apartment that will keep you happy and safe.

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