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Things You Must Do After Moving to a New State

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Moving homes–let alone moving to a different state–is one of the biggest life changes you can make. Understandably, it’s an exciting time, but with so much to do, you’re bound to forget something. As you move the last of your cardboard boxes into your new home, consider these tasks you can’t forget to complete as a new resident of your state.

Update Your Address and Get Registered

Along with all the buzz that comes with your move, there’s also the less exciting, more “grown-up” part that requires a lot of paperwork. Before almost anything else, you’ll have to make your move official. That means officially changing your address, registering your car in your new state, getting a new driver’s license, having any insurance changed over, registering to vote, and even finding a new doctor. If you have children, you’ll also need to do a little work to find the right school for them, though this is something you might’ve already considered when planning your move. This part of your move won’t be fun, but it’s necessary.

Get Settled and Get Connected

Dealing with all the minor details of your move might take a few days of work, but once you’ve gotten all the important things out of the way, you deserve a little time to relax and enjoy your new home! By this point, you’ve probably unpacked most of your necessities, so why not take a little time to finish unpacking and make your new home more homey? With so much time spent on worrying about all the particulars of your move, you deserve a little downtime. And, once you’ve made your residency official, you can start looking into purchasing a cable or Internet package, as well as any other services that you’re willing to pay for.

Explore Your New Home

More than likely, your new surroundings will be unfamiliar (and perhaps uncomfortable) to you. This a feeling that will go away with time, and sure, you could learn your new neighborhood as you go along, but there’s no better time than the present. On a practical level, it’s a good idea to get your bearings on your new environment – after all, you’ll want to know the nearest supermarkets, post offices, and other places of interest. However, this can also be a time for more spontaneous travel, too. Consider making a bucket list of all the surrounding places you want to explore and the events you’d like to check out. It’ll be like taking a vacation, but without being too far from home.

Keep in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Moving to a new state can mean a chance for a new beginning of sorts. But, as you forget on into your new home, odds are that you’re also leaving behind friends, family, and other people you care about. While it’s important not to dwell on and become distracted by the past, there’s certainly no harm in keeping in touch with all your old acquaintances. They’ll surely be curious to know how life in your new state is going, and you’ll probably want updates on their lives, too. One word of advice, though: don’t necessarily wait for them to reach out first! Moving to a new state is very much an adventure, and like any adventure, it will have its ups and downs. As long as you stay calm and organized, the moving and settling process will be over in a breeze. Before you know it, your new home will just be “home,” so enjoy the excitement while it lasts!

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