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Things To Do: Rio Secco Golf Club

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Nevada is no stranger to the golf scene.  The Las Vegas and Henderson areas of Nevada are specifically inundated with various golf courses.  But if you are looking for the perfect place to get away from the mundane paper pushing of everyday life, simply needing a chill locale to get away from it all, the Rio Secco Golf Club will exceed and expand your expectations.

The Grounds

The Rio Secco Golf Club was designed in 1997 by golf course architect Rees Jones. Rees Jones has designed or redesigned over 100 golf courses in his career. He is a noted environmentalist whose proclivity for life and the world is expressed in his vision for the Rio Secco.  These impeccable grounds rest in the foothills of the Black Mountain Range.  The teeing grounds of Rio Secco allows beginner, intermediate and pro golfers the opportunity to wade through various ground structures including 6 holes within steep canyons, 6 holes on a plateau overlooking the city and 6 holes in a broad desert wash.  These courses range from tremendously challenging and demanding course layouts to fair and easily manageable.

The Amenities

One of the brightest highlights of the Rio Secco Golf Club is Butch Harmon.  Butch is the former golf coach of Tiger Woods, and current coach of many of top touring professionals including Phil Mickelson.  He is known as "the best golf instructor in the world" and has a teaching facility primly located within the Rio Secco.  Butch offers golf lessons and appearances.
If you are tagging along with an avid golfer, don’t fret; the club has amenities for you too.  Janelas Restaurant & Bar is located within Rio Secco's 37,000 sq. ft clubhouse.  Crafted with character, dark wood finishes and comfortable seating, its patrons are flourished with optimal satisfaction.  Whether you choose the dining or bar area, the cuisine will animate your palate and appease your senses.  The bar’s large television assortment provides entertainment to match this exquisite experience.
In addition to its prodigious golfing grounds, exquisite restaurant and luscious guest suits, the Rio Secco Golf Club is also a tranquil venue for your most cherished events.  The facility at the Rio Secco Golf Club is to die for, both because of location (fairly close to the Vegas strip but far enough from the city to foster a traditional feel) and ambiance (the beauty and scenery of these grounds will make a stunning backdrop for any event).

The Accolades

Owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment, Inc., the Rio Secco has maintained its prestigious façade over the years being voted among the top ten new public courses by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine back in 1997. This course has definitely earned respect in the golfing industry.  The course has hosted the annual Tiger Jam and the Vegas Golfer Pro Showdown as well as other charity and competitive events, allowing it to give back to its community.
Whether you are looking to golf with the best of them, enjoy a five-star meal or host a wedding, business retreat, holiday or other party, come and create breathtaking moments with Rio Secco.  You will not regret it.

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