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Things To Do: Red Rock Canyon

Things To Do In Las Vegas

For those looking for adventure, outside of our recommended Lion Habitat Ranch article, grab your camera and head out this week.  Where to?  Where else: Red Rock Canyon.  There is nothing quite like Red Rock Canyon - nothing.  Don’t take our word, just look at all of the beautiful photography out there. And its only 20 minutes away from The Strip.


For Las Vegans, January is the coldest season in the desert; relatively speaking.  Desert temperatures around Las Vegas, including the Easternmost parts of the Mojave desert hit an average high of 53 degrees Fahrenheit (11.7 Celsius).  That means that if there were a time to get out and see the scenery, snap some photos and perhaps get the blood moving, the Red Rock Canyon is your perfect destination this weekend.  After all, when the hot desert climate rolls in, temperatures average in the high 90s.


So, what is actually in Red Rock Canyon to do?  TripAdvisor has lots of reviews sitting there for you to read, but if you’re not too into a quiet picnic, then perhaps you’re looking to hit the many, many trails.  If you’re not too into hiking don’t worry!  There are many sites, such as this one, that give you a difficulty rating, from EASY to STRENUOUS, along with the time it takes to complete the trail.  There are some even labeled for those with little legs - kids I mean - so you can take them out and explore.


If you’re a biker, you can take the popular Loop Road.  If you’re into rock climbing, then you’re more than likely familiar of the large cliffs that are scaled by your peers.  If you’re a tree hugger, you’ll find Joshua Trees growing here.  Lastly, if you’re a geologist or like rocks, then this is for you:


For much of the past 600 million years, the land that is now Red Rock Canyon NCA was the bottom of a deep ocean basin, and the western coast of North America was in present day western Utah. A rich variety of marine life flourished in those waters and left behind deposits of shells and skeletons more that 9,000 feet thick which were eventually compressed into limestone and similar carbonate rocks.


Clearly, there’s lots to see in Red Rock Canyon.  If you dress warm enough, catch a morning sunrise.  If you’re into getting exercise or wearing out your kiddies, you’re less than a half hour away from many of the Ovation Properties.


If you’ve visited Red Rock Canyon, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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