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The Top 5 Restaurants in Las Vegas

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When it comes to food, sometimes you need to treat yourself to a night on the town at a nice restaurant. As you well know, Las Vegas is full of restaurants that range from cheap guilty pleasures to how-would-I-ever-afford-that decadence. For the average person, the best that Vegas offers fall somewhere in the middle. Taste may be subjective, but we can definitely take a stab at identifying some of your best options for a nice, reasonably priced meal. If you’re feeling hungry, check these places out.

Breakfast at the Egg & I

Breakfast like a king, the saying goes. With a plate full of breakfast delights from Egg & I, you’ll certainly feel like royalty. Winner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s 2015 Best of Las Vegas poll, the restaurant offers what could be the best breakfast in town. Naturally, eggs are their specialty, so you can expect to see a menu full of dishes, including variations on scrambled eggs, omelettes, crepes, skillets, and much, much more. Seriously, it’s a big menu that runs the gamut with such delights as the Cordon Bleu Skillet, Greek Scramble (complete with artichoke and feta), and Breakfast Tostada.

Brunch at Honey Salt

We can’t all be up in time for a hearty breakfast. For those of us who are late risers, had a long night, or are just slow to get going in the morning, there will always be brunch. While you might be tempted to hit up a greasy spoon, a more intentional brunch can sometimes be just the trick. Case in point: Honey Salt, a Summerlin restaurant that aims to do brunch right. Their brunch menu includes a nice mix of foods, including salads and toast, but the Biloxi Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich is probably the standout. Well, that and the bottomless mimosas.

Lunch at The Goodwich

What’s more American than a sandwich for lunch? If you’re looking for the best ‘wich in Vegas, look no further than the aptly named Goodwich. The restaurant is still fairly new, having expanded from its humble, parking lot food truck beginnings. While you can surely find your basic sandwich standards here, such as the egg salad and reuben, there’s a lot more to try if you’re feeling adventurous. Not many other places serve those basic hoagies alongside creations like the BLTG–that’s bacon, lettuce, tomato, and grits–or the falafel sandwich.  

Dinner at Firefly

Variety is the spice of life, and at Firefly, you get both variety and spice. A Spanish tapas restaurant, Firefly has a large menu that includes both hot and chilled tapas options. Note that the restaurant tends to get crowded, so if you’re going on a weekend night or with a large group, you’d better call ahead! You might want to check them out during the week anyway, when they have their “reverse happy hour,” which takes place after 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Dessert at Gelato Bar

There’s nothing quite like a great dessert to cap off a good meal. You’ll certainly get that at Chinatown’s Gelato Bar, as well as a fun atmosphere that makes it well worth visiting with friends. Along with gelato, the dessert shop also serves up ice cream, crepes, coffee and other drinks. As you enjoy your treats, challenge your group to a game of foosball or board games. Plus, they serve free samples!

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