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The New Bike Sharing Program Coming to Las Vegas

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If you’ve visited Chicago or New York recently, you may have noticed that, along with your usual buses, subways, taxis (and Uber, of course), there’s another method of transportation becoming increasingly available: shared bikes. Although biking isn’t always a feasible means for getting around, it’s a healthy alternative for both commuters and the environment, which bike sharing makes easier for everyone. With Las Vegas jumping on the bike share bandwagon, here’s everything you need to know.

BCycle: The Company Making It Happen

Like other cities who have implemented a bike sharing program, the government will be working with a third party to make it happen. In this case, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada has awarded the contract to BCycle, a Wisconsin-based company that works in partnership with bicycle manufacturer Trek. Las Vegas is far from the first city to work with BCycle on a bike sharing program – Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, and Madison are just a few of the locations that have implemented BCycles.

How It Works

The RTC Bike Share system works identically to most bike sharing programs in other cities. Bike stations, spread in convenient areas across the metro area, serve as docking areas for a number of bikes, which users may “check out” either at the kiosk or online. Riders then have half an hour to ride the bike, after which they must either park the bike at a station or “check in” to gain another half hour. If riders keep the bike out for longer than half an hour, they’ll be charged a late fee, and if they damage or lose the bike, they’ll be charged accordingly.

Availability, Locations, and Price

So far, the RTC has planned 18 locations for bike stations, which will be spread throughout the area between the Stratosphere and Stewart Avenue. In all, there’ll be 180 bikes for riders to check out at any time of the day, any day of the year. While the exact price to check out a bike hasn’t been nailed down exactly, a single ride should cost about $7, while an annual pass will cost somewhere around $70 – much cheaper than buying a new bike for yourself.

Other Things You Should Know

The RTC Bike Share program is pretty straightforward, but there are still a few odds and ends that you should know before checking out a bike. Bikes come in only one size, but their seats will be adjustable. Also, if you want to ride safely, you’ll want to bring your own helmet, as the RTC won’t supply them at stations. Lastly, although the Bike Share program is currently contained to the downtown area, it could spread if it proves to be a success.
Due to the limited service area, you probably won’t find yourself riding to work on a BCycle anytime soon. But if you find yourself downtown anytime soon, you’ll sure be able to see people riding around on these shared bikes. Perhaps you’ll be one of them! For more information about the Bike Share program, you can visit the RTC website.

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