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The Most Creative Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

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With Halloween just around the corner, you might have a lot on your plate (or in this case, in your treat bag). Along with all the trick or treating, spooky movie marathons, and trick or treating you’ll be doing, there’s one thing you surely shouldn’t miss: making your own Halloween costume! Why spend a bunch of money on a store-bought costume that doesn’t fit well, anyway? Here are some of the most creative DIY Halloween costumes you can make.

Bag of Jelly Beans

What this costume lacks in mobility, it makes up for in creativity – and sheer fun. Plus, it’s truly in the Halloween spirit! To turn yourself into a big bag of jellybeans, all you’ll need is a big see-through plastic trash bag, some balloons, and a red ribbon. Simply cut some leg holes in the bottom of the bag and some arm holes in the sides, and then fill the bag with as many colorful balloons as possible. Tie a red ribbon tied around your neck at the top of the bag so that your costume stays held in place.

Human Pinata

The pinata may be a staple of birthday parties, but it also makes a fun and colorful Halloween costume. Plus, it’s pretty easy to make! All you need is a whole bunch of crepe paper of different colors, along with an outfit you don’t mind making a mess of. Simply cut the crepe paper into strips and make notches in it to give it that pinata look. Then, hot glue the paper to your outfit in whatever design you think works best. To top things off, you can also wear a party hat with the same design. Just make sure nobody takes a swat at you!

Luffa Bath Sponge

Some folks like to show off their risqué Halloween costume choices, but this costume is squeaky clean. It doesn’t take much to turn yourself into a luffa bath sponge, just a whole bunch of tulle fabric from your local supermarket or hobby shop. 30 yards or so should do the trick. Cut the stirps of fabric into squares, scrunch them up, and safety pin them to your outfit. Rinse, repeat, and after a while, you’ll start to look like a luffa! A few yard of thin, white rope or yarn can serve as the loop that’s all too common with these sponges.

Umbrella Bat

Nothing says Halloween like a black bat, which makes it the perfect costume to DIY, especially if you have a broken umbrella lying around. You’ll need an all-black outfit, but it doesn’t really matter what articles of clothing you wear. As such, a black T-shirt and black jeans should work just. Dismantle your black umbrella and cut it in half, and then hot glue each end of the two pieces to your arm and your side. The umbrella is now your bat’s wings! If you don’t a spare umbrella handy, you can probably create a similar effect with some clever use of fabric.

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