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The Hostess With The Mostest, Smallest Kitchen

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Finding the perfect apartment in the perfect location with a perfect school or work environment can be a daunting task.  Sometimes we sacrifice one area of wanted perfection to attain the others.  An example is finding the perfect apartment (like Ovation!), with the perfect view, close to all the shops and restaurants you frequent, within a decent commute range from your job.  The downfall may be that the apartment doesn't have the number of bathrooms you would prefer, or the bedroom is a little too small for your liking, or even worse, the dreaded tiny kitchen.
Anyone with a small apartment knows the lack of space can make entertaining more difficult than it has to be.  Where will you seat the guests?  How will you prepare a festive meal in such a limited space?  Planning a party, get-together, or dinner party can be a pain when you don’t have the resources necessary for success. The good thing is there are simple organizational tactics that can help you get the job done. Here are a few products and tips to make your kitchen space work for you.

Use That Which Has Not Been Used: Walls

The biggest issue with small kitchens is the lack of workspace (i.e., counter space).  Once a microwave/toaster oven, a knife block and a utensil holder are placed on top of a small counter space, one typically ends up with little actual workspace.  An effective way of creating extra space is purchasing simple wall racks.  Kitchen wall racks can be used for utensils, knife sets, pots and pans and other light objects that are easily hung.  In addition to wall racks, small shelving additions will free up a lot of space.  If you are not able to alter your walls (due to terms of your rental agreement), 3 and 4-tier shelving ideas are available as space savers.  Over the sink shelving is also a great option, freeing up the workspace needed for food preparation.   With your counters open, your small kitchen will appear to have more space.

Use That Which Goes Unnoticed: Corners

Corners are probably the most forgotten spaces within any room of a home.  This awkwardly shaped yet usable space often goes to waste.  Using decorative corner racks, stands and shelving concepts will greatly enhance the use of this angled domain.

That Which Is Not Present:  Portable Assets

Kitchen islands are more popular than ever, but they just don't fit in most small kitchens.  A rolling kitchen cart will give you many of the benefits of an island and is more versatile.  You can move it into the center of the kitchen for food prep or use it as a buffet table when guests arrive.  You can use it for storage or for display.  Then just roll it out of the way when you don't need it.  Another great space saver is a baker’s rack (a corner baker’s rake would be the most useful).  The microwave or toaster oven can be relocated to the bakers’ rack further creating additional counter space.

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