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The Best Workout Apps

No matter what your situation, getting in shape is never an easy task. It takes patience, commitment, and of course lots of hard work. Technology has made just about every part of life easier and more convenient, getting in shape included. There are all kinds of phone apps that can be used to help you diet and workout, below are a few of the best!


Whether you start off walking and move onto jogging or prefer to get your exercise on a bike, Strava is a great way to track your workouts. The app will map out where you have traveled and you can even use it to map out future workouts. You can track all the workouts you have done this week, month, year and beyond. Part of what makes Strava such a great workout app is the community aspect of it. You can see other people who have done workouts around you and how they performed on those workouts. For example, you can take a bike ride then check to see how your time compares to other people who have made the same or similar rides. There are daily rankings of times of all the people who have worked out in the area and it is a great way to motivate yourself. Strava is a free app and is great in and around big cities where a lot of people are working out.

7 Min Workout

Part of what makes working out so hard is finding the time to do it. 7 Min Workout is exactly what it sounds like, a way to get a great workout in only 7 minutes. The app has daily workouts to complete that take only 7 minutes and don’t require any equipment. It often varies, but the workouts are usually 12-14 different exercises in 7 minutes. You will workout all parts of your body by doing exercises like crunches, jumping jacks, planks, push ups, and other quick and easy exercises. 7 Min Workout is a great way to get your heart your rate up and get get a sweat in.


If you are looking to commit a little more than just 7 minutes a day to workouts than MyFitnessPal could be for you. It tracks exactly what goes in and out of your body and tells you how many calories you burn. It is a way to track both workouts and what your diet is. You input your weight loss, or gain, goals and MyFitnessPal gives you workouts and tells you how many calories you should be burning. It even tells you the correct number of calories for you to intake based on a profile you build of your age, current height and weight, and gender. You can scan the barcode of the things you are about to eat or manually input what they are so you know exactly what your body is about to consume. There are all kinds of visuals and ways for you to analyze exactly how your workouts and diet are going.

Zombies, Run!

This is certainly the most unique fitness app on our list. It is a very unique combination of game and workout app that is one of the most effective ways to motivate you. You are attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world overtaken by zombies. There is a story that plays through your headphones as you run or walk. There are periodic zombie chases where you need to pick up the pace to avoid being captured. You can pick up supplies and build your own base where you can go for protection and even help out some other players. This is a great combination of video game and workout that helps all kinds of people get motivated, particularly younger people.
These apps all have different advantages that may make them right for certain people and wrong for others. The reality is this is only the beginning to the different workout apps on the market, so it is important to do your research before committing to just one. They can help you stay motivated and track your results so you can accomplish the goals you set out to.

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