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Small Bathroom Storage Hacks

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One of the biggest sellers of a home or apartment is the bathroom. Truthfully, we spend a large amount of time in this room. It’s where we get ready for work, and where we relax after all the challenges the day throws at us. No matter what size your bathroom is, it always seems like you could use more space. Try using a few of these hacks to add more to the oasis in your home.
1. Basket Hangers: Get a few cute woven baskets from your favorite store. Rather than keep them on the floor, turn them on the side, and hang them for extra storage space. Roll up towels to stack, keep extra toilet paper, or other everyday supplies. Keep in mind that this is open, so you want it to look uniform and nice. By keeping towels on the wall will give you more drawer space for clothes and extras. Same for the toilet paper - by keeping it up here, you will now have tons more space in closets for things like shampoo bottles and cleaners.
2. Tension Rods: If you’re tight on space, toss in an extra tension rod in a cabinet or closet to add more hanging space. It’s easy to install. You simply pull the rod out until it fits snug against the wall, and twist to make it tight. This is perfect for renters who don’t want to put holes in anything to secure their security deposit. With this new addition, you can hook spray bottles and dry rags on this handy little rod.
3. Tiered Countertop Storage: Counter space is usually limited in bathrooms. If everything is out, it looks cluttered and dirty. Keep everything that you need at arm's length by going up. Get a tray that has tiered shelves to give you more space for all of the things that you need. Personally, we love the ones that look like cupcake tiers.
4. Floating Shelves: The same concept as the tiered countertop storage, is floating shelves. Create more space without taking up precious countertop space by moving up. With the floating shelves you can store bath salts, lotions, perfumes and more.
5. Hooks on Inside of Cabinets: Cabinets can quickly become a jumbled mess. Keep all of your corded hair accessories in an easy to reach spot by attaching them to the cabinet door. Get a decent sized adhesive hook and press it to the inside of the door. Then, wrap the cord up with a slight loop at the end. After a few minutes, you should be able to hang your hairdryer, curling irons, and any other corded products with ease.
6. Vertical Shower Storage: Same as before - keep moving up! Cramming all of your bathing products along the tub edge doesn’t look that great, and it’s also not an effective use of storage. Spend a few extra dollars and get some vertical shower caddies that fit snug into a corner. You won’t be sacrificing any shower space, and you get everything you need in one place.
7. Decorate with Cute Containers: Keep your shampoo and conditioners in unique containers to add a fun touch to the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, everything seems to be on display. Whatever is out, transfer it to a nicer container with a label to keep everything look streamlined.
By decluttering the countertops and making more room for storage, you’ll greatly transform the way you see and use your bathroom. Little changes can make a big difference in a small space.

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