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Outdoor Workout Ideas to Enjoy the Fall Weather

Things To Do In Las Vegas
It may not be chilly during the day, but it is getting cooler, which makes us want to get outside. Instead of the same-old in the gym, try getting your exercise in with something new, all while enjoying the great outdoors.
1. Scenic Hiking: Las Vegas is blessed with plenty of excellent nature paths with tons to see. If you are new to hiking, it’s a good idea to get some guided experience by doing a walking tour with a group. The Vegas landscape is so varied that you can get a completely different experience with every hike you take. You can go from the desert to hot springs, all the way to mountains within the hike itself.       You can expect an excellent guided tour with Take a Hike Vegas.
Even if you are an experienced hiker—NEVER hike alone. The elements can be unpredictable, which is why it’s safer in groups. If you’re comfortable out exploring nature without a guide, you can try several different spots. There’s Red Rock Canyon, Frenchman Mountain, Black Mountain Trail, Wetlands Park, Stanley B Springs, and Railroad Tunnel Trail. Before you head out, read up about the trail you are planning to take. Some trails are more advanced than others, or you can anticipate certain wildlife on specific trails.
2. Biking: Biking is an exhilarating way to take in your surroundings. Whether you are trailblazing through mountains, or if you are cruising around town, you’ll get to see your city in a completely different way. The cool air whipping past you as the city flies by is great fun.       Depending on the type to bike you have will determine what kind of trails you can go on. Certain bikes are built for different terrain. Mountain bikes are obviously for rough trails and mountain hills. Road bikes, on the other hand, are built only for smooth surfaces like paved roads. You won’t have much success with a road bike up on top of Frenchmen Mountain. No matter where you are, make sure to wear a helmet and protective gear to make sure you can be seen by others.
3. Running/Walking: If you don’t have the gear for hiking or biking, then you can always get outside by running or walking the trails. There are cut paths and well-maintained trails surrounding the entire city. Some are paved and others aren’t so make sure to wear the best footwear for your trail. You can choose from several different paths, such as the Saguaro Trail, which cuts east to west through Henderson, to the Lower Las Vegas Wash Trail, which goes between Clark County and Las Vegas.
4. Outdoor Yoga: Want to take your yoga game to the next level? Try experiencing it outside at sunset. Find a peaceful spot, lay down your mat and go through your favorite routine while enjoying the beautiful colors all around you. Things are always more fun with friends, so join a group and plan your next outdoor yoga session!
5. Kayaking: It may be cool, but it’s not too cold for water sports. Cruise around on the water by kayaking the Hoover Dam. There’s something for everyone from wake boarding to water parks for the kids (or the adults). Water sports make you use muscle groups you forgot existed. You’ll be burning tons of calories, while toning difficult to reach muscles. The best part is, you’ll be having such a great time, that you won’t even notice that you’re exercising!  
Fall isn’t just great because of pumpkins spiced lattes—it’s the best season around because you get to soak up the world around you. It’s that perfect time of year when you have enough daylight to do plenty of things, and it’s cool enough to be comfortable outside. Grab a friend, go outside, and try something new!
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