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Opening Up Space in Your Apartment

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We can’t all be blessed with a luxurious, open-space apartment. Sadly, the facts of life include dealing with less space than you might initially hope for, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable. Really, there are a few strategies, and a few clever tricks, you can use to make more space in your apartment and make things look like you have more space in your apartment. Consider these methods for making room in your pad.

Do More With Less

The first thing you should do when trying to make space in your apartment is get rid of all the non-necessities. Be honest with yourself: are you really using that cute, yet useless, coffee table, or is it just a home for junk mail and spare coins? In this way, your useless furniture can breed clutter. So, take a look around you and consider what you do and don’t use. If something is vital, but takes up too much space, think about sizing down with a smaller option.

Utilize Hidden Storage

What you do have left over from your mass cleanse, you should try to tuck away as much as possible. Start getting organized, with bins, drawers, or whatever you need to keep things separated and in their respective groups. Perhaps you can build up your bed frame to fit some under-the-bed storage for your clothing. Or maybe you can fit some stackable shelves into your closet. By using up these nooks and crannies, you take space from your apartment’s common areas, freeing up your space and your mind.

Use Vertical Space

Of course, there will be some things you want to show off. If you have an impressive book collection or photos of friends and family, you certainly don’t want to be hiding those away in the closet. What you do decide to keep out in the open, make sure you’re using up the vertical space you have. For example, rather than going for a shorter and wider bookcase, instead try something skinnier and taller. Then, you might be able to fit a desk beside it.

Appeal to the Eye

Besides getting things out of sight, there are also ways of tricking the eye into seeing a larger space. The first thing to do here is to stop relying so much on lightbulbs and instead use more natural light, which means you should keep your windows unobstructed. Next, make use of mirrors. In terms of giving a sense of more space, mirrors do two things. They reflect light, making your room appear brighter, and they also give the appearance of more depth to your room. Other things you can do are use lighter colors in the fabrics and furniture you use, which will help reflect the natural light and also give your apartment that fresh, clean look you’re wishing for. You can’t always get what you want, but you can certainly make the best of what you have. Try these tips out with your apartment and see if you can make better use of your space.

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