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New Movies Set to Release in 2017

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It’s a new year, meaning there’s a new slate of films to look forward to. It’s a little too early say which movies will come out on top, but there are some we’re definitely looking more forward to. If you’re going to hit up the cinema only a few times this year, these movies will surely be among the best contenders.


Superhero movies are as popular as ever. Take a look at this year’s lineup of films, which includes “Justice League,” “Wonder Woman,” and three–count ‘em, three! – Marvel movies. Frankly, it’s getting to be a little exhausting, which is why many eyebrows perked up when the trailer for “Logan” was released last year. The plot follows X-man Wolverine, but rather than your typical superhero fare, the film seems to take a more subdued, naturalistic approach than the end-of-the-world, explosion-y stuff we’re used to. Could this signal a new future for superhero films?

Power Rangers

Nobody asked for it, but here we are; there’s a “Power Rangers” reboot coming out this year. Like many contemporary reboots, this film paints the campy original series in a grittier, darker light. Don’t go thinking that this endeavor is going to be completely straight-faced, though; early previews indicate that there will be at least some joke-cracking, and former “SNL” star Bill Hader has been tapped to play robot aide Alpha 5. Plus, with Bryan Cranston playing disembodied mentor Zordon, the movie might be worth catching for the strangeness alone.

Baby Driver

Feeling a little tired of all the remakes, reboots, and sequels? While there’s some comfort to be found in a movie with a cast of familiar characters, sometimes it’s just more fun to watch something wholly original. And with “Baby Driver,” audiences might get just that. The film, which is slated for August, comes from Edgar Wright, the mind behind comedy classics “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” With an interesting plot, which centers around a getaway driver, and a great cast that includes Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Spacey, this is one potential sleeper hit to look forward to.

The Lego Batman Movie

It’s been a rough couple of years for DC Comics films. “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was hit with poor acclaim, and “Suicide Squad” fared much worse, with critics saying that the films are just too dour to be enjoyable. That’s why many are excited for the somewhat unexpected release of “The Lego Batman Movie.” 2014’s “The Lego Movie” was a surprise smash hit, and it expertly blended whip-smart comedy with some wonderful, family-friendly lessons. “The Lego Batman Movie” is likely to do the same, and it might be the best Batman movie we have for a while.

Star Wars: Episode VIII

With a new installment being released each year now, it’s a good time to be a “Star Wars” fan. “Rogue One” was all-in-all a pretty good flick, but die-hard fans are already looking toward the newest release in the official saga. There’s still a lot about “Episode VIII” that’s still under wraps, but we do know that much of the cast from “The Force Awakens” will return. And we now know the film’s subtitle: “The Last Jedi,” which most likely refers to Mark Hamilton’s Luke Skywalker. Hopefully, we’re all feeling the force with this one.

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