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Myths About Las Vegas

Things To Do In Las Vegas
A city talked about as much as Las Vegas will have all kinds of crazy things said about it. How do you know what life is really like the Sin City? We are here to help. Below we debunk some of the biggest myths about life in Las Vegas.

Life Is Just A Party

The worldwide stigma about Las Vegas is that it is just one non-stop party. While this may be true for some people traveling to the city for a few days, it is certainly not the norm. The reality is that Las Vegas is a large and prosperous city that has so much more to offer than just a good party spot. There are all kinds of activities to occupy your time that are not at the club or in the bar. More people than you may expect come to the city for a relaxing weekend away, it is even a popular destination for retired people. When you say Vegas, everyone immediately sees images of pool parties with thousands of people and loud, smoke filled casinos. While this is all still prevalent in Las Vegas, people are doing a lot more than just partying.

No One Lives In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is thought of as a tourist city and not much more. People very rarely consider that people actually live, work, and raise families in the city of Las Vegas. It is much more than just the strip of casinos and hotels. The city and surrounding suburbs 2016 population was over 600,000 people! That is nearly 3 times the population of the capital city of Reno. There are even some famous people who call or have called the city of Las Vegas home, such as tennis legend Andre Agassi, musician Ne-Yo, and actor Nicholas Cage. Although Las Vegas may not be a city on the level of New York, Chicago, or L.A., it is certainly much more than just a tourist attraction.

Gambling Myths

There are all kinds of crazy myths about the gambling in Las Vegas, some say it’s easier, most say it is fixed. In reality, neither are true. There are a lot of claims that the slots downtown are looser and payout more than the slots found throughout the strip. People have conducted all kinds of studies to test this theory, but it is very hard to prove. There are all kinds of tips on how to win at the slot machine and a quick google search will tell you that a lot of people have had success on the slots downtown, but it is unclear if there is actually a built in advantage on those slot machines. As for the casinos in Las Vegas being “fixed”, they are rigged to give the house the same advantages most other casinos do. There are very strict regulations on casinos to ensure they are not trying to get an increased advantage over their customers, so there is really no way for a casino to rig gambling any more than other casinos. They call it gambling for a reason and whether you win or lose has nothing to do with the city of Las Vegas.

Counting Cards

Counting cards is something that is found almost exclusively in the movies. The reality is that counting cards is so difficult and takes so much practice that you probably won’t be involved with it. However, it is true that it is not illegal but will get you kicked out and banned from casinos. It is very hard to get caught if you do know how to do it, but if you do the myths of legal trouble are not true. You probably won’t be seeing any scenes like the famous one in The Hangover while at the casino, but you never know what could happen in Vegas! There are all kinds of other myths about Sin City, some true some false, that are part of what makes the city so great. Remember these myths the next time you spend a night out on the town, and make sure you don’t walk around with an open container because you can’t actually drink anywhere!

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