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Must-See Parks in Seven Hills

Things To Do In Las Vegas
There is no question that Las Vegas is home to some of the most exciting indoor attractions in the entire world. From their world-famous casinos to the bevy of original shows you’ll never forget, there is a bit of something for everyone in Las Vegas.
But while plenty of people come to Vegas looking to head straight to their hotel and then hit the gaming floor, there are plenty of worthy parks in Las Vegas that are worth spending your time at. Whether it’s a run for exercise or picnic for fun, here are some of the best parks in Seven Hills to spend your day at.

Allegro Park

Located just behind Elise L. Wolff Elementary in Henderson, Allegro Park is a beautiful place for you to spend your day. Due to its close proximity to a school, there is plenty of space for running on the soccer fields. There is also a playground area for the children as well. Bring a blanket and a packed lunch, and you’ll have a day’s worth of fun at Allegro Park.  You can even see a 360-degree view here!

Puccini Park

If you’ve ever played at the Rio Secco Golf Club, you’ve probably noticed a beautiful park that sits off the 12th fairway. That would be Puccini Park, another ideal option for those in Henderson. Along with a handful of shaded seating areas, park hours are from 6am – 12am. These conditions and hours make Puccini Park one of the most popular choices for outdoor BBQs with your closest friends and family. There are also two volleyball nets, so get ready for a day of fun activities and good eats while at Puccini Park.

Vivaldi Park

Located down the street from Puccini Park on Henderson Drive is Vivaldi Park. We like this specific park because it adds a lot of scenic differences that you won’t see at the other options on this list. While Allegro and Puccini both have a lot of open room for your kids, Vivaldi Park has more trees and rolling hills that make it difficult to play a game of soccer or football. However, these natural additions at Vivaldi Park are beautiful in their own right, and they add a unique scenic setting to the Vegas Park scene (especially with the foothills in the background).

Sonatoa Park

Last, but most certainly not least, Sonatoa Park is one of our favorites in all of south Las Vegas. This park is located near the Sonatoa Park apartment complex, making it the perfect destination for those living in the area. Sonatoa Park has a bit of something for everyone in your family. Along with plenty of flat and open grassy areas, there is also multiple playgrounds as well. Those that are looking for a simple run without families or kids getting in their way will be able to do so along the outside trails of Sonatoa Park. Sonatoa Park is one of our favorites in all of southern Las Vegas, so be sure to visit on your day you want to get out and enjoy mother nature. Whether you call Sin City home or are just visiting, rely on the options on this list as the best parks in Seven Hills and Southern Las Vegas.

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