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Moving? How to Establish Yourself in A New City

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People move for a number of reasons. Maybe this city has been a dream destination for you, and you’re finally able to make the leap, or maybe you’re looking to go back to school, and the best school is located in a new city. Either way, trying these five things are a great way to get started settling in your new city.
1. Finding a Job: First and foremost, you need to find a new job in your new city. You need a way to pay for all of the things that pop up during life. You may have moved for a job. If so, then you’ve got that covered. The best thing to do is send your resume out to any and everyone around, and then follow it up with a face-to-face meeting. Online is generally how people start the application process, but so many people never land the job because they don’t connect with the other people at the job. Go in to the office and say hello. Introduce yourself and let them know that you are interested in the position. Talking to someone face-to-face is guaranteed to land you a job significantly faster than sitting behind a computer sending out resumes.
2. Location: As you’re looking for where to live, you want to consider the location. Look at the crime map, the schools, and where it is in proximity to where you work. Try and find a place to live close to the places that you’ll be going often. Even though something may be cheap, it may be cheap for a reason. Look to the crime map to see if it’s in a good part of town, or if it’s a place that you want to avoid.
3. Making New Friends: Making friends as an adult can be difficult. Everyone is in a different phase of life, and time seems to go by faster. No matter what age you are, you need friends. Connect with people who have similar interests as you. Join a local gym, sign up for a dance class, or start going to a church. Whatever you are interested in, pursue it, and you’ll find more people like you. These groups already meet at certain times, making planning significantly easier. Your new friends can give you all of the hidden secrets about your new town, and help you integrate faster.
4. Schools: If you have kids, look at the surrounding schools that are in the area. Go visit them and see what kind of different programs that they offer. Before you settle on a location, make sure that your place is zoned for a good school nearby. Consider other options like private and Montessori Schools.
5. Get Involved: One of the best ways to learn and get plugged into your new city is to volunteer. Get involved by joining local community groups that clean up roads, tutor kids, or be on a board or a committee. Subscribe to the local newspaper and watch the local news channels to learn what is going on around you. It’ll help you get familiar with the politics of the city and the different sections of town.
Regardless of where you decide to live, you need to be proactive about finding your niche. You’ll always have a place no matter where you are - it’s all about finding where you fit in. The first steps is work, then look for living, and then move on to friends and schools. There are pros and cons to every location, so look to the bright side and you can make the best of any living situation.

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