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Most Famous dog Of All time

Dogs are human’s best friend, so it would only make sense that they are a big hit in the entertainment industry. Other than humans there are few things on earth we find in movies, books, and TV shows more than dogs. There have been countless dogs that have become international sensations based off their shows, movies, or books success!


How could we start a famous dog list that didn’t have Snoopy as number 1? He is the classic dog that has spurred millions of dogs name Snoopy since. Snoopy was not the main character of his show, but rather the main character Charlie Brown’s best friend. Although he may not look like it, Snoopy is said to be a beagle. There have been all kinds of spin offs from the original Charlie Brown that have featured Snoopy and made him more prominent. Snoopy has become an entire product of his own and could even be bigger than Charlie Brown and the series itself.


Another classic cartoon dog, Scooby-Doo became famous for fighting crime on Saturday mornings. He is a Great Dane that used his nose and instincts to solve mysteries with his crime fighting crew. Scooby was the main character of the show, of course called “Scooby-Doo.” There have been countless spin offs of the classic cartoon series since it was first aired in 1969 and it remains a classic today. In fact, there are still episodes that air frequently on The Cartoon Network. Scooby is known for his love of Scooby snacks, which have become all kinds of different cookies and gummy bears.


Buddy from the movie series “Air Bud” is the most athletic dog we have seen on the big screen. He was a golden retriever rescue dog with a unique skill set. Buddy plays all kinds of different sports, like basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and even volleyball. The movies aired on Disney Channel in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and were incredibly popular. Buddy even had a handful of movie spin offs about his athletic, sport playing puppies. The merchandise and impact on society from Buddy was not quite what it was for Snoopy and Scooby-Doo, but there is no denying Air Bud’s popularity.

Brian Griffin

Brian is certainly the crudest dog on our list. He is one of the main characters of one of the biggest animated comedies of all time, “Family Guy.” Brian is the family dog and best friend of the main character, Peter Griffin. Brian is said to be a white Labrador but acts nothing like a dog as he walks upright on his back legs and cracks sophisticated jokes. Brian is a voice of reason on the show as he talks Peter down from all kinds of idiotic antics. There is no doubt that Brian is one of the funniest dogs on our list, but he isn’t quite as family friendly, to say the least.


Clifford from the hit children's books “Clifford the Big Red Dog” is yet another classic pup. He is a massive Labrador and Vizsla mix who first appeared in a book series in 1963. As of 2015 there had been 80 books written about Clifford! Clifford did not appear on the TV screen for the first time until 2000, when he was already one of the most well-known dogs in the world. He is known for causing all sorts of trouble with his owner Emily, often caused by his massive size. His size is one of the main story lines of the show, as Clifford uses it to his advantage, when possible, but it mostly just gets in the way. Although there may not be any real 25-foot red dogs running around, Clifford certainly taught lots of kid's valuable lessons.
Dogs will always be a staple on TV, in movies, and books, but it will be hard to beat out the one’s above in popularity. These dogs really left their mark on society!

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