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Local Review: Barcelona Tapas & Bar

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Many dining options don’t allow for much adventure. At most places, you pick your one meal, two sides, and a drink, and you’re stuck with what you get. If you’re stuck in a food rut, it might just be time for some tapas. Barcelona Tapas & Bar, located in southern Las Vegas off Southern Highlands Parkway, is getting rave reviews for its authentic tapas menu, lively atmosphere, and other perks.

A Menu With Something For Everyone

Whether you’re a hearty steak lover or you prefer lighter, vegetable-based dishes, Barcelona Tapas & Bar has something that you’ll probably love. For those craving an authentic Spanish dish, have yourself a empanada pastry or a stuffed piquillo pepper. Or, if you’d rather have a bit of comfort food, the restaurant also offers up more American-flavored dishes such as chicken soup and mac and cheese.

Authentic Drinks to Match the Meal

You’ll need something to wash down that meal, and true to Barcelon’s commitment to an authentic Spanish meal, you can expect some legitimate drink options to match. Along with your typical soft drinks and beers, Barcelona also has mojitos and margaritas. But, what the restaurant is best known for is its sangria, which some say is the best in the area. Along with the usual red and white, there’s also a sparkling sangria, which the restaurant describes as “white sangria with a kick”.

Eat to Your Stomach’s Content

Sometimes a single plate just doesn’t cut it. And when you’re in a place that serves up such interesting dishes as tortilla espanola and chicken picatta, you know you’re going to have to try more than one thing. Thank goodness that Barcelona has an all-you-can-eat deal so you can experiment as much as your heart desires. Along with the culinary exploration that the all-you-can-eat allows, you’re also given a complimentary sangria and dessert.

Live, Authentic Music

What’s a good meal without a little entertainment? Barcelona gets it right by not only hosting live music, but by hosting thematically appropriate music. Occasionally, the restaurant will bring a flamenco band to liven up the mood. Close your eyes and you’ll almost believe you’re eating and drinking in Spain!

Eat In or Get It to Go

We don’t always have time to sit down at a restaurant, and sometimes, we barely have time to eat at all. Life doesn’t always allow for convenience, but Barcelona Tapas & Bar does. Diners are invited to order online for either pickup or delivery through Barcelona’s website, catering to whatever your needs may be. A full menu, with descriptions for each item, is available here, so you can have a look regardless if you decide to order in or get it delivered.
Barcelona Tapas & Bar seems to be the place to be if you’re fancying some tapas, and with the live music and good eats, it makes a good place to take a date or bring the family. And, if you’re having a party or event, Barcelona offers catering for events, meaning they’ll bring the pleasures of Spanish cuisine to you!

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