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Local Flavor: Tease Boutique Salon

One of Vegas’ most reliable and lasting salons, Tease Boutique is the perfect mix of culture and style. The boutique has been continually praised by industry stylists and other media outlets, making it a must visit for anyone hoping to look their best while in Sin City.
Here is a look at the local flavor of Tease Boutique Salon, a local Vegas favorite.

Everything You Need

When you hear the word, “salon,” the average customer might think that Tease is nothing more than a place to get a Vegas-inspired haircut. However, that couldn’t be any further from the truth, as Tease offers a wide range of services.
When in Vegas, you can rely on Tease for:
  • Hair Services
  • Nail Services
  • Skin Services
  • Makeup Services
Just imagine a day where you can relax and rest while being completely pampered the entire time. Whether you are simply looking for a few highlights to bring out your summer style or you want a complete facial service, you can rely on Tease for transcendent service.

Superior Stylists

Tease doesn’t just hire any stylist off the streets. Instead, the salon hires only the best stylists and specialists. This means that no matter what you visit Tease Boutique Salon for, you will be working closely with someone who has a background in the service you need. When you are in the hands of professionals with many years of experience, you can trust in the idea that you will end up with a final product that you are sure to love.

Modern and Contemporary Fusion

When you walk inside Tease Boutique Salon, you’ll feel like you have stepped back in time into an episode of Mad Men. Their unique modern and contemporary fusion makes for a unique and trendy style. And when you consider how friendly the staff is, you’ll feel right at home the moment you sit down and get ready for your first treatment. For some, being at the salon is about relaxing and enjoying your time. For others, a bit of conversation will help pass the time. Whatever it is you are looking for, the professionals at Tease will pick up on your mood and do whatever they can to ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

A Day You Will Not Forget

Spending the day at Tease Boutique is something you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re coming to Vegas for a wedding, an event, or simply just to let loose and have a good time, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even more if you are feeling confident in the way you look. For those that have only ever gone to their local big chain haircut store, you will walk out of Tease Salon feeling like you never have before.
To schedule your appoint for hair, nail, or skin service, give Tease Boutique Salon a call at 702.489.400. They are located at 9540 W Flamingo Rd., which is just across from the Las Vegas Ice Center and True Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa. You can get their by taking the Bruce Woodbury Beltway and exiting on Flamingo Rd., or by heading West on Flamingo from the Las Vegas Fairway exit.