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Las Vegas Holiday Activities for the Whole Family

Things To Do In Las Vegas
For most of the wintertime, many Las Vegas residents see the warm climate as a benefit over much of the rest of the country. Unfortunately, though, warmer weather means missing out on some holiday-appropriate activities like building snowmen and making snow angels. That’s OK, though, as there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the holiday season with your family in the Las Vegas area.

Visit a Winter Wonderland

What the Las Vegas area lacks in snow it makes up for in dazzling displays of lights and animatronics – and no, we’re not talking about the Strip! If you thought your Christmas tree lights were impressive, head to one of a number of light shows in the area. One of the most impressive, and accordingly most popular, exhibits is Glittering Lights at the Las Vegas Speedway, which puts two-and-a-half miles of lights and animatronics on display. Plus, you never have to leave your car! Magical Forest at Opportunity Village offers a similar experience, but with more activities specially geared toward little ones.

Enjoy Some Holiday-Themed Entertainment

It isn’t the holidays without some well-timed entertainment, and while a massive collection of sparkling lights is sure to please, it might not capture all the magic of the season. If that’s the case, consider paying a visit to the Smith Center of the Performing Arts, which is once again hosting a Nevada Ballet Theatre performance of “The Nutcracker,” complete with a live orchestra. The musical–and Tchaikovsky’s score–are inextricably tied to the holiday season, and a viewing is sure to be something your family doesn’t soon forget.

Go Ice Skating

While the southwestern United States is too warm for snow to have much staying power, there’s at least one wintery outdoor activity you and your family can get up to: ice skating! Most notably, The Cosmopolitan has a 4200-square-foot skating rink set up right on the Strip, complete with manmade snow showers every half hour. If you’re balance-challenged, you can relax at one of the rink-side fire pits and roast some s’mores while watching the skaters pass you by. The $20 pass might a little too pricey, so you can always visit the Las Vegas Ice Center’s public skate, which is half the price, but missing some of that holiday magic.

See a Fireworks Show

New Year’s is a big deal: it’s a chance to celebrate the past year with your loved ones while also looking forward to all the good to come of the next year. And the perfect way to mark that transition surely must be under a brilliant exhibition of fireworks. You won’t have to do much research to find a good fireworks display happening in Las Vegas, as many of the resorts downtown will be launching off an impressive collection of pyrotechnics. These activities are sure-fire ways to get out and have a good time with your family. However, it’s worth remembering that the important thing isn’t always where you are, but who you’re with. You might find that having your own holiday-themed fun at home, whether that’s by putting on a classic movie or making some holiday arts and crafts, is just as fun.

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