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Las Vegas’ Favorite Hometown Heroes

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Las Vegas has a host of hometown heroes and famous celebrities that grew up in Sin City. From record breaking artists to award winning athletes, here is a look at Las Vegas’ favorite hometown heroes.

Kurt and Kyle Busch

NASCAR’s Busch Brothers were both born in Las Vegas. They’d also both attend and graduate from Durango High School, before continuing on with their sprint car goals. The Busch Brothers have been two of the most dominant figures in NASCAR over the last decade, which surely has to do with their early years of training in Las Vegas.

Carey Hart

If you love motocross and extreme sports, then you likely know of Carey Hart. Though he wasn’t born in Sin City, he moved there early in his youth. He’d then train there to become one of the founding figures in motocross and the rest is history. Though he is retired from competition, Carey still utilizes the awesome tracks and weather in Las Vegas to race his bikes.

Rutina Wesley

Fans of the show ‘True Blood’ will notice this one right away. Rutina not only was born in Sin City, but she also stayed here for school while attending the Las Vegas Academy for International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. All those studies obviously paid off, as Rutina Wesley is on a cast of one of the hottest shows on television.

Charisma Carpenter

Charisma is most known for her time on the television series, ‘Angel.’ Before her time on TV, she attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. Bishop Gorman is not only a place for aspiring actors, but it’s also a hotbed for athletes as well. Plenty of talented individuals have gone on from Bishop Gorman, like Charisma, to make their hometown very proud.

Barry Zito

One of the only things that Las Vegas is missing is a professional sports team. However, that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a fair share of guys and girls to make it to the big leagues after a youth career in Sin City. One of the most successful athletes to ever come out of Las Vegas is Barry Zito, the World Series Champion and Cy Young Award winner. After a very successful youth performance, Zito would then move to California, where he’d become a star and one of the most dominant pitchers in MLB.

Mikalah Gordon

Mikalah Gordon first came to popularity during her time on American Idol. She was born in Sin City and now performs here regularly as well. Along with her time on American Idol, Gordon also was on CMTs Gone Country.

Stephanie Romanov

Stephanie Romanov is a famous model who was born and raised in Las Vegas. At the age of 15, she’d move to Europe, where her modeling career would blossom into a very successful career. Many people move to Las Vegas after hitting big and becoming famous, as they want to soak up all of the glitz and glam that comes with Sin City. However, as you can see from this list here, there are plenty of people who called Las Vegas home long before anyone knew who they were.

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