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IKEA Las Vegas - Grand Opening May 18th

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IKEA: the home of affordable, good-looking, and peculiarly named furniture. The Swedish furniture retailer specializes in good-looking, ready-to-assemble desks, chairs, shelves, and just about anything else you might want for your home. But with a unique layout and features you won’t find in any other retailer; IKEA is more than simply a furniture store – it’s an experience.
So, if you like the clean design of IKEA furniture or you’re looking for a new date spot, you’re in luck, because IKEA is opening a store in Las Vegas! The new location at 707 Fremont St. opens on May 18, and to get you prepared, here’s everything you need to know about the store.

IKEA Does Furniture Retail Differently

If you’ve ever done furniture shopping in person at any other retailer, you know what to expect. Most big stores consist of one big, open space sectioned off into different areas for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. IKEA is different. Rather than letting you immediately jump to whatever section you want, IKEA’s layout requires you to follow a winding path through each section of its maze-like store. While this might be a hinderance if you’re looking to grab something in a hurry, it’s perfect for aimless window-shopping.

In-Store Pickup and Delivery Options Are Available

So you’re shopping at IKEA, and you’ve found the most comfortable mattress and the perfect bedside table to go along with it. Unless you drive a flatbed truck, you’re probably not going to have room in your car to take these things home. If you don’t have space for all the items you find at IKEA, you can order the items sent to your home. Plus, if you’re not super handy with tools, you can order an assembly service to have someone put the pieces put together for you at home.

You Can Bring Your Kids

Understandably, a furniture store may not be the most exciting place for children. If you’re bringing little ones in tow, there’s no need to have them tugging on your sleeves while you’re comparing shelves, because IKEA has a space dedicated just for kids. This supervised space lets your kids have fun while you go off shopping. Do you know any other furniture stores that have such a thing?

There’s a (Fabulous) Cafeteria

If you’re unfamiliar with IKEA, you may be a little surprised to learn that while furniture is their number-one seller, they’re also known for their cafeteria and take-home foods. The cafeteria is a great place to rest after you’ve spent the entire afternoon looking around, and don’t think IKEA doesn’t take their food seriously. Really, IKEA’s food is so popular that it’s inspired multiple food reviews and even reaction videos. As they say, come for the furniture, stay for the meatballs.
Rather than jumping in blind, get prepared by visiting IKEA’s website for ideas. You might have an easier time price-matching here than in the store. Do note that by joining the IKEA Family loyalty program, you’re eligible to receive discounts and insight into in-store events. Guess it’s time to refurnish the apartment!

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