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How You Can Support Your Local Police Department

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Our local officers are unsung heroes. They go in every day to serve and protect the community around them. It’s not an easy job, and it requires a great deal of sacrifice on their end. Show them that you appreciate all that they do for your community by supporting them however you can. 
1. Volunteer! You can volunteer your time and expertise to help the police do their job. They need assistance doing administrative work, coordinating fundraisers, helping with search and rescue operations, and more. Something as simple as reporting graffiti or other public issues can help them serve the community better. They can’t resolve a problem, if they don’t know it exists. You are an extension of their eyes and ears. 
2. Serve on a Citizen Advisory Board: There are many local chapters of advisory boards that help put together initiatives to prevent crime, aid the police in creating a positive image in the community. You can help develop outreach programs and give advice on how programs will be received in your community. 
3. Citizens Police Academy: These classes teach citizens the police’s policies and values, which can give them a better understanding of the entire organization. It will explain the varying job roles and why certain procedures are necessary. You will better understand what their mission is, and how they try to execute in everyday life. 
4. Neighborhood Watch Community: The police can’t be everywhere at once. They need the help from other citizens to look after their neighborhood. The watch community is an organized group of neighbors that are trained on what suspicious activity to look for, as well as, how to communicate to the police. They can help prevent crime before it has a chance to spread. 
5. Participate in Events/Fundraisers: Donate your time and money to get to know the officers in your local area. Participate in events that they have, such as Coffee with A Cop. Attend fundraisers and show your support. 
6. Educate the Family: Teach your kids and other family members about your local police. Show them what emergency numbers to dial, what information to give, and when to report non-emergency issues to the police. Have your kids meet and interact with police officers so that they understand that the police are there to help and aren’t to be feared. 
7. Follow Them on Social Media: Stay updated on what’s happening in your area by following your local police on social media. They will post public service announcements, ask for aid in investigations, or give you something to smile about. It’s also a great way to communicate to your local chapter. You can give them compliments or complaints with a simple message. 
The more you know, the better equipped you are when an emergency strikes. The police are there to protect you, and they want to help. Help them help you by learning more about what roles the police play in your community. Put a face to a name and venture out to meet your local officers!

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