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How to Unwind After Work

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Your brain is buzzing, and you can’t seem to slow down once you get home from a busy day at work. There are so many things that demand our attention throughout the day that it’s hard to know how to shut it off. Step away from it all for a few minutes to bring you back to center. Here are some great ways to unwind after work:
1. Leave Work at the Office: This is a big one. Of course, you can’t seem to shut off your brain; you’re not allowing yourself to take a break! No matter what the task is, if you do it long enough, you’ll get worn down. Stepping away allows you to recharge and come back at your work with energy and a fresh mind. You’ll be more productive if you do, and you’ll enjoy your work more, too. Use a notepad to jot down any “Aha!” moments that may pop into your head. Don’t dive into the subject. Leave that for the next day. Recording your thoughts quickly, then moving on, will allow you to relax knowing it can wait until tomorrow.
2. Create A Peaceful Space: Have a space in your home that makes your heart happy. Decorate it to be calm and peaceful, with pictures and images that bring joy and relaxation. Take off your shoes, get into some comfortable clothes and spend some time alone in your peaceful space.
3. Do A Relaxing Activity: When you get home, take some time to do something you enjoy. You’ve worked hard all day. Now is your time to sit down and do something for you. Go on a long walk with your dog, draw in a notepad, or read a book. Do something that is solely for you that doesn’t involve a screen. Electronics stimulate our brains and keep them buzzing. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and do an activity that you enjoy but isn’t strenuous.
4. Be Intentionally Quiet: Turn off any distracting noises going on around you and be completely silent for 10 minutes. Be still, be quiet, and enjoy deep breaths while your brain slows down. You can do this while you are in your peaceful space before you do your relaxing activity. The quietness will reset your mind and bring you back to neutral. If you live with others, then put on a set of noise-cancelling earphones. Tell those in the house that you aren’t to be disturbed during those few minutes unless there is a serious emergency. Be deliberate about adding “me-time” into your day.
5. Connect with a Loved One: Spend 30 minutes or more talking with no distractions to someone you love. Give an old friend a call or spend a few more minutes at the dinner table with your significant other. Ask questions to understand them better and let them know you love and support them.
Set aside a space and time for unwinding. Tell those that you live with what your intentions are so that they know not to disturb you while you are in your peaceful space. Be intentional with your “me-time” and don’t feel guilty putting your work down! It’s better for everyone if you do.

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