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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

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Your bathroom is your personal oasis from the stresses of the day. Make it the most relaxing room in your entire house. You should want to retreat to your bathroom every day. Even small apartment bathrooms can be transformed into a dream spa. With small changes and little investments, you’ll never want to leave your luxurious bathroom.
1. Massage Shower Head: Not everyone is into taking baths to unwind, but that doesn’t mean a shower can’t be relaxing. Replace your traditional shower head with one that has multiple functions. Rain Head shower heads are increasing popular because of the natural way the water falls down on you. Melt away the day’s stress with a hot shower.
2. Heat Your Towels: It’s as cozy as it sounds. You can buy special racks that will gently heat your towels for you. Open up your pores by putting a warm washcloth on your face, and dry off with a plush, warm towel.
3. Add Oil Diffusers: Scent is one of our strongest senses. Having a bathroom with natural essential oils calms the mind and relaxes the body. An oil diffuser will create a gently mist that lifts the oils and permeates them throughout the room. The steamy mist is great for your sinuses as well.
4. Soft Lighting: The standard overhead lighting that comes in most apartment bathrooms can be too harsh for a spa experience. Buy lamps that emit soft ambient light that is pleasant and calming. Himalayan salt lamps or low-lit table lamps are perfect for a home bathroom spa.
5. Candles: Having several all-natural candles can tackle both the scent and lighting at the same time. It gives you that soft ambient light with the calming aromas. It’s better to find candles that are made out of soy or coconut oils instead of the traditional waxes. The natural based components are gentler, and they don’t irritate sinuses if you have a sensitivity.
6. Unique Containers for Products: Go the extra mile to buy special glass containers for things like bath salts, cotton balls, and Q-tips. You can put these items on display on top of the countertops. It is a great practical way to decorate in a small space. You can decorate the jars with cork lids, twine, and mini chalkboard signs to label each one.
7. Luscious Bath Linens: Nothing is better than stepping out of the shower onto a wonderfully soft bathmat and wrapping up in a fluffy towel. Spend a little extra on the linens to get that luxurious spa-like feel from start to finish.
8. Get All the Supplies: Buy nice soaps, face masks, a loofah, and some bath salts. Spend a little extra on the special touches to have something fun to look forward to each day. Trying out a new soap or using a new lotion can make you feel on top of the world. It’s the little things in life that can give you the most joy.
Make as many, or as few alterations as you like to transform your bathroom from a regular room to a place you never want to leave. The smallest things can make the biggest difference. A few candles, some nice towels, and a fancy new soap can do the trick. Grab the bubble bath, put on some easy-going music, and retreat to your new oasis.

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