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How to Make a Cozy Fall/Winter Bedroom

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You spend about 1/3 of your life in your bedroom. Whether you are sleeping or relaxing from the day, it should be a place of welcomed leisure. To make your space more inviting, invest a little in creating a cozy area where you want to be. As the seasons change so does the weather and the needs of your bedroom space. Use these 7 steps to unwind in a plush, bed full of pillows and throws that will make you sink into peacefulness.
1. Change the bedding: Change out your bed linens to match the season. Find jewel-toned sheets and dusty shades of linen to dress your bed. If you are a hot sleeper, then stick with cotton. If you want your bed to be a little toastier, then go for the flannel. Layers are important. The more layers you have, the cozier it will be. A lightweight quilt goes well underneath the heavy comforter or duvet. With all of the layers, you’re able to kick off or add as much warmth as you need through the chilly Vegas nights.
2. Add a throw: A fur throw, or a big chunky blanket is a great addition to soften things up. Put it at the foot of the bed to add an extra pop of color. It's perfect for lounging around while you read a book. You won’t want to crawl out from under this cozy blanket!
3. Lighting: The days are shorter, so you’ll need more light through your waking hours. Opt for soft ambient light with lamps and low watt bulbs. Get floor lamps that reach over the bed for reading or get a few table lamps for the nightstands. Let your unique style shine through with the design. If you like the modern look, choose clean and simple lines. If you’re into the rustic look, then you can choose a piece that resembles reclaimed wood. This is a fun focal point where you can make a big statement.
4. Heavy drapes: Block out the morning sun with sweeping drapes that go from floor to ceiling. The more fabric the better. Hang the curtain rod high above the top of the window frame to pull your eye all the way up. It will instantly make your room feel larger. You can also choose a slightly larger size curtain rod so that your eye sees a wider window as well. If you have a smaller bedroom, make sure to choose a light-colored fabric, as darker colors tend to close the space.
5. Fun throw pillows: Let your personality shine through with fun and funky throw pillows. These are easy to rotate out with each season and it will add a little spunk to the room. For Fall, have a few pillows with colorful prints of leaves, and a center pillow for extra sparkle. These little pillows can be the focal point of the room. Make sure that each one pairs nicely with your existing decor to tie the whole room together.
6. Fall foliage: Decorations aren’t just for the living room. Put a little something in the bedroom to make the whole house feel like fall. Add a few painted wine glasses with some branches that twist and turn to the nightstand. Toss a few mini pumpkins next to the vases to complete the look.
7. Candles or scents: Smell has the strongest memory trigger out of all of our scenes. By having some cinnamon candles burning, you can transport yourself back to your fondest holiday memories. It’s one of the quickest ways to transform the entire space with the least amount of effort. Let the season fill your entire home with fragrances of warm vanilla, nutmeg, and spice. Those subtle scents will bring the season to life!
You’ll notice that the cares of the day wash away when you step into your little oasis of warmth. Update your bedroom space by putting a fresh spin on your unique personal style. With these cozy new changes, you won’t want fall to leave!

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