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How to Do the Thanksgiving Holiday Right in Las Vegas

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Thanksgiving comes but once a year, which makes the holiday a pretty nice change of pace for most folks. However, if that change of pace means doing the same thing you do every year, there’s no shame in wanting something a little different this year. Thankfully, there are quite a few Thanksgiving-friendly activities to take up in the Las Vegas area. Supplement–or completely alter–your usual Thanksgiving routine with these Vegas holiday activities.  

Make Thanksgiving Dinner a Dining-Out Experience

Maybe you’re looking to change things up from the usual Thanksgiving ordeal, or perhaps you’re just not prepared to cook and host a dinner. Whatever your reason, you don’t need to put a bird in the oven in order to have a great Thanksgiving meal. Tons of Vegas restaurants are offering up Thanksgiving meals, both traditional and non-traditional. While you’ll find most of the higher-end meals at the casinos on the Strip, you might be surprised to find that many other businesses are catering to the Thanksgiving crowd, too. So, whether you’re craving a fine dining experience at a casino restaurant or some turkey tacos, now’s your chance to buck tradition and eat well.

Mingle With (Or Avoid) the Tourists

The Thanksgiving season is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, and Vegas is among the top destinations for those looking to get out. That means you can expect bigger crowds and busier establishments, especially at the usual tourist hotspots. If you’re feeling especially social, there are few better times of the year to get out and meet people from all over the country. On the other hand, if that sounds like a nightmare, make sure to stay clear of the Strip around T-day.

Take Part in Wintery Activities

Winter might not be here quite yet, but Thanksgiving serves as a sign that the coldest season–and the other holidays it brings–will be here soon. While Vegas might not get the white Christmas that other areas of the country do, you’re still more than welcome to participate in some holiday cheer. Each year, the Cosmopolitan opens a 4000-square-foot ice skating rink on the Strip; even if you don’t feel like skating, it’s hard to pass up roasting some s’mores rink-side. For something a little more laid back and a lot more dazzling, consider visiting the Magical Forest At Opportunity Village in Henderson, which hosts plenty of other holiday-friendly activities.

Run in a Turkey Trot

Much of Thanksgiving’s appeal comes in the big meal full of potatoes, stuffing, veggies, gravy, and of course, turkey. That might all be tasty, but it’s not exactly great for your waistline. Even things out by getting active on Thanksgiving and running in a turkey trot. For the uninitiated, a turkey trot is a race (or series of races) that takes place before Thanksgiving dinner, held all around the country. For Vegas residents, the Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in Boulder City is probably your best bet. There are events for every skill level, from a one-mile stroll to a half marathon race. Now you’ll have a good excuse for second helpings!
Whatever you choose to get up to on Thanksgiving, it’s never a bad idea to switch things up a little. Variety’s the spice of life, and getting out there and doing something new is the perfect way to have a fun and memorable Thanksgiving. It sure beats falling into a turkey coma on the couch after you’ve finished your feast!

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