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How To Choose The Best Footwear For You

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Not only does your footwear say a lot about you, but it can directly relate to your health. We all want to look great, but it’s not worth it if you don’t have your health. Every part of our body affects the other. Any discomfort with our feet affects our knees, hips, and back. Your knee may be experiencing pain because your feet aren’t positioned correctly for the knee to operate the way it was intended. This is why what we put on our feet is so important. Here’s how to choose the best footwear for you:
We’re all used to Air Jordans and New Balance walking shoes. These are highly cushioned shoes that have been all the rage for the past 20 years. The high amount of cushion is there to reduce the impact on the joints and to provide arch support. The downside to the high cushion shoes are the lack of strength and stability that they give your body. The heavy cushioned shoes don’t allow for much flexion with the foot, making your calves and ankles do most of the work. The ankles may be strong, but the small muscles in your feet are becoming weaker. Stability-wise, think of what gymnasts do. They stand on a balance beam with bare feet. Wearing cushioned shoes is like putting pillows under your feet. It feels nice, but they aren’t giving you stability to move effectively. They might feel nice on your feet if you’re standing around for long periods of time, but there are great benefits to having flat-soled shoes as well.
There was a shift back to the flat sole shoe a few years ago after people began to realize the importance of developing the muscles in your feet. The Converse and the 5-fingered shoes are great examples of flat soled shoes that make your feet work. There will be a few days of uncomfortable strain as your feet build up strength. Gradually wear your flat soled shoes more frequently throughout the day and week. Remember that these are muscles that you haven’t used in a long time. Ease into it slowly and allow for your feet to rest.
For the working professional, dress shoes like Dockers are better for your feet. They can look professional while also giving your feet the exercise they need. Women, flats aren’t just a fashion statement. They are a great way to add some class to your work attire, but also give you the ability to move quickly and safely through the streets and office. Take care of your body, and be mindful of what you put on your feet. Foot comfort can relieve sciatica pain, relieve joint pain, and prevent falls.
Even though they may not look as stylish, a flat soled shoe is better for your balance and overall health. Whenever you can, try to wear shoes that give you good feedback from the ground to prevent injuries. Repetitive use injuries from wearing poor shoes are the number one reason for knee, hip, and back injuries. Prevent pain before it happens by taking care of your feet.

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