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Hiking Trails: St. Rose Parkway

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If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not go for a hike? Although staying inside in the air condition, which does sound tempting, instead consider getting some exercise and seeing some sights with this group-friendly activity. Luckily, you have some great resources right near you, including St. Rose Parkway in Henderson. Keep these things in mind if you’re considering hiking St. Rose.

Location and Parking

The St. Rose Parkway Trail runs along both sides of its namesake – St. Rose Parkway, which runs diagonally through the west side of Henderson. If you’re driving to the trail, parking is available at the Sienna Height Trailhead, which is located at 2570 Siena Heights Drive, and Cactus Wren Park, at 2900 Ivanpah Drive. Bathrooms are also available at these locations.

Trail Difficulty

St. Rose Parkway Trail, all in all, is an easy trail. Bike Henderson, Henderson City’s bicycle advisory committee, rates the trail as a Level 1, meaning that its surface is stable, there’s minimal grade, and minor obstacles may be present. The paved trail is family friendly and shouldn’t prove much of a challenge to children. The trail is about five miles long and should take about two or so hours to finish walking at a regular pace.

Sights Along the Way

What’s a good hike without some sights? As well as good views of some small mountains to the east, the trail also crosses many shops and attractions, so if you’re feeling hungry, thirsty, or curious, you can pop in and take a break. Also along the trail are mile markers that point out some of the wildlife you might be able to catch. Notably, the trail also ends in the south at the M Resort Spa and Casino.

Trail Connections

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to see more of Henderson, you’re in luck. The St. Rose Parkway Trail offers a connection to many of Henderson’s other trails, some of which are a bit more difficult. While most of the other trails within walking distance are fairly easy as well, there is an available detour onto Seven Hills Drive, which Henderson rates as a Level 3. Otherwise, the more challenging courses can be found farther east.

Trail Rules

Hiking is a great activity whether you’re alone or with friends and family, but even though it’s a very independent activity, don’t forget that there are rules that you need to follow for your safety and the good of others. In fact, St. Rose is subject to municipal codes, just like any governmental land. These rules include refraining from littering and approaching any wildlife you might see. You must also stay on the trail and not trespass on private property.
Hiking is a good way to stay active, but remember that especially in the Nevada sun, you need to be careful. Water isn’t publicly available along the trail, so make sure that you bring water, a phone, and whatever else you might need out on the trail. Stay safe and have fun!

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