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Hiking Spots Near Las Vegas

Things To Do In Las Vegas
The area surrounding Las Vegas has without a doubt some of the best scenery in the country. The combination of desert, mountains, and exclusivity makes the Vegas area one of the best places to go for a hike! Below are a few of the most popular trails to take a hike surrounding Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Overlook

The Las Vegas Overlook offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding Las Vegas Valley. The trail falls just outside the popular Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area but is secluded enough that you do not need to worry about crowds or traffic. It is right by the Blue Diamond Highway, so it is the perfect combination of accessibility and exclusivity. The trails around the Las Vegas Overlook are difficult, mostly due to the conditions. Of course, we all know how hot it can get in the Las Vegas sun. There is little to no shade cover on any of the Las Vegas Overlook trails, so it is important to hydrate and bring lots of water on your hike. It is also important you know exactly where you are going or you are with someone who does. Although the vast majority of trails in the area are very easy to navigate, some are much more difficult and take you through some treacherous terrain. Make sure you are prepared and know where you are going to get the most out of Las Vegas Overlook.

The Potato Knoll

This trail certainly has the strangest name of any on our list. No one really seems to know how Potato Knoll got its name, but it stuck. This is one of the more family friendly trails in the area and is perfect for inexperienced hikers just looking to get some fresh air and exercise. The main trail is just under 5 miles and generally flat and easy to navigate terrain. The main draw to Potato Knoll is the surrounding scenery. There are large rock formations, dried up creek beds, and wildlife surrounding the trail system. It is perfect for people looking to do more of a nature walk than intense hike. Of course, there are trails that head deeper and deeper into Potato Knoll that get more difficult if you choose to go that direction.

White Rock Loops

White Rock Loops is like no other trail on our list and few others in the Las Vegas area. It is not exclusively desert, as it takes you through a large forest. The forest is somewhat hidden and takes a little bit of desert hiking to get to, but is definitely worth it. You will be afforded some shade and scenery you can’t find many other places in the area. The forest is much more prominent after a long rainy stretch or season, so try to plan accordingly to get the most out of your trip. The trail is a little more difficult than Potato Knoll but can still easily be navigated by a family.

Calico Tank

Located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Calico Tank is the most popular trail in the conservation area. It is a pretty challenging trail as it leads you up the canyon towards the main attraction, the Calico Tank. The tank is a small body of water that is the reason most people use the trial. You can’t really swim in the Calico Tank, but it is nice to just be around the water on a hot day. Calico Tank is often crowded on nice days, so try to plan your trip carefully.
Hiking is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the amazing scenery of the Las Vegas Valley. Vegas is situated around some of the most unique scenery in the entire country, so get out there and take advantage of it!

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