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Happy Halloween! Tips to Making Trick or Treating As Fun As Can Be

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Woo-hoo! Or should we say… Boo? It’s that time of the year again when we get all dressed up and go door-to-door for the best bounty of all: candy! In all honesty, it’s difficult not to have fun on this holiday, but there are a few tricks you can pack up your sleeves to make it even more enjoyable. When you are trick-or-treating, make sure you account for these ideas.

Don’t Do It Alone

While the treats are what make Halloween worth it, the holiday is much more enjoyable with friends and family. Even if you don’t have a group costume planned, it’s good to have some people to share the joys (and scares!) with.

Make It an Adventure

There’s a benefit to trick-or-treating in well-known territory. If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll know exactly which houses to beeline to–and which ones to avoid–for maximum candy acquisition. However, there’s also fun to be had in adventuring out past your neighborhood, or in heading out to a neighborhood you’ve never been to, in order to change things up. Just be careful not to get lost!

Trade for Best Results

Any candy is good candy, but the truth of the matter is that you’re not going to want every piece. Some people are M&Ms fans, some people are Skittles lovers, and some people are Whoppers enthusiasts. If you’re travelling with a group, take advantage of that fact by holding a trade after the fact. Hopefully, everyone will end up a little happier with their bounties.

Be on the Giving Side, Too

When we think of trick-or-treating, we usually think of it from the receiving side. However, there’s still merit in being on the giving side, and you don’t need to be a parent to help out on Halloween. By choosing to head out a little later or come back a littler earlier, you can help keep your neighborhood’s offerings going. Plus, you’ll have a front-row seat to all the creative costumes others are wearing that night.

Plan Some After-Treating Activities

Halloween doesn’t begin and end with trick-or-treating, so why not plan some other activities to partake in? You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking of something fun and appropriate to do after the main event finishes. How about a scary movie marathon? Or, if you’re feeling a little more creative, a round of scary storytelling? You’ll probably need to burn off that sugar rush, anyway.

Have Fun And Stay Safe

Despite its appearances, trick-or-treating on Halloween is more often than not a pretty safe event. In most cases, parents are all around and on alert, keeping an eye on both their children and others. Still, it’s sometimes a little too easy to get wound up in the festivities, so be sure to keep a clear head, especially when walking on dark roads at night. To ensure a night of fun, you’ll have to be safe!
There’s little doubt that Halloween is one of the most fun holidays, and with these tricks, your treats will be all the sweeter. Whatever you do, though, make sure you pace your spoils. An upset stomach the day after Halloween is no fun at all.

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