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Great Warm Weather Holiday Vacation Destinations

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Some people don’t mind the wintertime. Most, however, grin and bear it for a few months while waiting for warmer weather to come again. For those who can’t make it through the entire season without going a little crazy, a vacation to a warmer locale can be just the trick for beating the winter doldrums. If you’re planning a temporary exit, these are the destinations you’ll want on your list.

The Florida Keys, Florida

Florida just happens to be one of the warmest places during the American winter, so it is a natural vacation spot for those looking to escape the cold. A visit to the Sunshine State will make you forget all your winter-related worries back home. While there are plenty of must-visit destinations (Disney World, anyone?), the Keys might be your best bet if you want to skip the lines, kick back, and relax as the tide comes in.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Similarly to Florida, Louisiana's southern location makes it a hot spot–literally–for those who want to catch some rays during the winter. New Orleans is the obvious choice for a vacation, with its notorious reputation for being a city where you can really let loose. For those wanting a more bookish experience, it’s also a city full of fascinating history and culture. Though, if you just want to let loose and have some fun, New Orleans is certainly a good destination for that, too. NOLA’s biggest event, Mardi Gras, takes place in early March, but perhaps you can celebrate a little early.

Oahu, Hawaii

A visit to another continental state can be cheaper and more convenient than boarding a plane for a more exotic locale, but honestly, there just isn’t as much magic in it. That’s especially true if you’re driving the whole way. A trip to Hawaii is a go-to honeymoon vacation, but it’s also wonderful for a trip in the dead of winter, and for most, it’ll strike the perfect balance between travel and relaxation. While you can’t really go wrong in choosing where in Hawaii to visit, Oahu is known specifically for its great views and activities. Snorkeling, anyone?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Many are content to take a trip to a warmer destination and simply relax once they get there, while some look to their travels as a chance to experience a different culture. If this sounds more in-line with your travel goals, one of the best places to escape the traditional United States, without having to go through too much effort, is Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. A United States territory, Puerto Rico allows American citizens a visa-free entry to this Caribbean haven ingrained with Spanish culture.

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