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Get Fit: LVAC

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For Las Vegas entertainers, fitness, physic and personal appearance is everything. Whether you are checking a coat for someone at the door or singing on stage in your own show, you never know where your next big break might come from - which is why it’s important that you always look your best.  But even if you're not in the entertainment industry, it never hurts to give your body a healthy boost!
With seven different locations that are conveniently located around the city, Las Vegas Athletic Club is your premier option for fitness in Nevada. This isn’t your large franchise chain that comes to town and wants to take your money, but it’s also not your corner gym that is limited on weights and equipment. Instead, LVAC offers the size, convenience, and exercise options that will have you reaching your health goals.
Here is a look at why so many Las Vegas residents are relying on LVAC to get fit.

More Than Just Your Typical Gym

LVAC doesn’t want to be thought of as your muscle-head gym, but they also don’t want to be known as a frilly overpriced fitness center either. That is why everything that they do is geared towards offering you the services that you need. In each of their location is a massive free weight area that offers everything from bench press machines to squat racks. LVAC also offers a ton of different classes, such as yoga and pilates. No matter what you are looking for in health club, you’ll find it at LVAC.

A Membership You Can Afford

If gyms are so interested in getting you to come in and visit them, then why do they have such outrageous membership fees that cripple your budget each month? At LVAC, that won’t be the case. Instead, you’ll get a premier athletic club experience at a price that is well worth the investment into your budget. After just a few workouts at LVAC, you’ll see that the money you’ve spent on your health is worth every penny, especially when it’s something that you can actually afford.

Dedicated To The Las Vegas Community

Las Vegas Athletic Club is dedicated to providing easy health services to the community. That is why there are seven different locations to choose from - all of which make it easy on you.
Here are the current LVAC locations:
  • Central Vegas - 2655 S. Maryland Pkwy.
  • East Vegas - 3830 E. Flamingo Rd.
  • Green Valley - 9065 S. Eastern Ave.
  • North Vegas - 6050 N. Decatur Blvd.
  • Northwest Vegas - 1725 N. Rainbow
  • Southwest Vegas - 9615 W. Flamingo Rd.
  • West Vegas - 5200 W. Sahara
Those who have been to Vegas know that there is a lot going on, even though it’s not an incredibly large city in terms of square millage. But with so many people calling Vegas home, there still needs to be a variety of different health club options to ensure that there aren’t long lines or packed classes. And with seven locations to choose from, those who choose LVAC will never be far from a great workout.
You cannot avoid the need for fitness and staying in shape. If you are in Vegas and your job requires even a bit more attention, be sure to visit the Las Vegas Athletic Club for a premier health club experience.
Do you have a gym you belong to?  Let us know in the comments below!

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