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Genghis Grill - Local Review

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When it comes to getting food, are you tired of the usual suspects? Ultimately, you can only have so much pizza or Thai before things start to get a little old. Maybe it’s time to spice things up with a little Genghis Grill, which does things a little differently from the other restaurants you’ve been going to. If you’re new when it comes to Mongolian BBQ stir fry, get ready for some education.

Build Your Own Bowl

This BYOB is a little different from the one you may be thinking of, and it’s the heart of Genghis Grill. Build Your Own Bowl gives hungry customers control over what goes into their stir fry. So if it’s chicken teriyaki you’re craving, go for it. If it’s sirloin szechuan your heart desires, try it. If it’s calamari and roasted tomato… well, that’s unusual, but you can do that, too! With over 80 ingredients to choose from, you can try tons of different combinations that perfectly match whatever you might be looking for.

Healthy Options

Perhaps you’re indecisive. 80 ingredients is a lot of to choose from, after all. If you’d rather take decisions out of the equation, Genghis Grill has a menu of suggested Heart Healthy dishes you can choose from instead, all under 600 calories. But don’t let the “healthy” label fool you – these are some seriously tasty dishes. For example, there’s the Mongo Mix Chicken, at 453 calories, which includes chicken, crushed red pepper, veggies, brown rice, and a chili sauce. Or, for those who can tolerate a little more spice, there’s the Blazin’ Beef with jalapenos and black pepper. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from these dishes and be able to put your own spin on things!

Cooked for a Crowd

One of the more interesting features of Genghis Grill is that rather than waiting for your food to be cooked in the kitchen and brought out to you, you watch it get made right before your eyes – dinner and a show! Once you’ve selected your ingredients, hand off your food to the cooks at the grill, and before you know it, your sizzling dish will be prepared to perfection. Unlike some restaurants, there are no worries here about lukewarm food that’s been sitting out under a heat lamp all day. This is as fresh as you can get.

Order In or Take Out

Sometimes you might be looking to go out for a night on the town, but other times, it’s just as appealing to stay in. If you’re calling it a quiet night, or you’d rather take the party elsewhere, Genghis Grill offers online ordering. Pick from tons of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and even party trays. And yes, this includes the notorious Build Your Own Bowl, with all 80 ingredients to choose from.
Also of note: the restaurant offers a loyalty program called Khan’s Rewards, which offers such rewards as free desserts and money back to returning customers. This is ideal if you find yourself frequenting Genghis Grill. With so many possible combinations of stir fry to choose from, that’d be pretty easy to do!

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