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Finding Peace In Your Apartment

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Families, parents, students, workers, just about anyone living in the 21st century fill their existences with endless errands, meetings, classes and family-oriented endeavors.  We live in an era of exhaustive work, play and learning that can culminate into drained bodies and minds.  The good news is there are people out there who have expended their energies and expertise into creating ways to combat our restless way of living with methods of finding peace.  Peace, which can even be obtained in the confinement of smaller spaces, such as apartments.
Before you begin, choose a space in your home to claim as your “serenity zone.”  It can be a bedroom, living room or any other corner that is designated specifically to when you want to find tranquility.  Remember to respect this space for what it is.  Do not mix work or study with this space.  Mentally marking this place for relaxation will aid in getting your mind to a restful state of being.  Create a calming ambiance in this area with comfortable seating (pillows, etc.), calming music (nature sounds, classical music, etc.) or aroma-therapeutic candles or scents (apple, lavender, peppermint, etc.). Through our thoughts and senses, we can acquire a level of inner peace that transcends our overly worked minds, taking us to a realm of serenity.  Let’s take a look at a few tips to find this tranquility and peace.

Sight, Sound and Smell

Attaining peace through a harmonious perception of your environment can make or break your ability to maintain healthy levels of composure.  The mind is continuously busy.  Sometimes we have to take moments for brain rest, that the brain would not otherwise allow us to have due to its compulsive need to take in everything through the five senses.  Focusing on a single aspect of your environment forces the brain to center its energy; thereby eliminating multi-faceted thinking processes.
Go to your “serenity zone.”  Find a position in which you are most comfortable.  This can be lying down, sitting, or standing.  Close your eyes.  Depending on your environment, take in the sounds of your apartment, the outdoors or music of your choice.  Directing your thoughts to calming sounds will decrease brain activity, relaxing your mind.  This brief period of relaxation provides mental peace.
While, focusing on the sounds, visualize a relaxing place.  This can be a beach, a park or anywhere that calms your mind.  In conjunction with the relaxing sounds and visuals, the calming scents of lavender or chamomile add value to this process.

Thought Manipulation

Another method of finding peace within your home is thought manipulation.  Forcing yourself to think positive thoughts or affirmations, especially at moments when your mind is racing and your thoughts are seemingly taking over, refocuses the brain towards positivity and lowers stress level.  Focusing on the positive also relaxes the brain enough to field effective solutions thereby further decreasing stress.

Breathing in Peace and Exhaling out Stress

Using your breath as an object of attention is a classic technique for meditation.  If you spend a few moments counting your breaths from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 1, the mind reverts to a quiet stillness.  In this, you will find peace.
Each of these techniques works wonders for the state of mind and can be done comfortably within your apartment living space.

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