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Farmers Market In Tivoli Village

Things To Do In Las Vegas
Tivoli Village is known as one of the premier areas in Las Vegas. From high value retailers to apartment complexes that are loaded with amenities, you can find everything that you can possibly imagine at Tivoli Village.
While you will be sure to find shops like PacSun and Charming Charlie, and restaurants like Kabuki Japanese and Brio Tuscan Grille, it’s also worth visiting Tivoli Village for the farmers market as well. The fresh52 Farmers Market has been voted as one of the best events in Vegas, and it’s perfect for residents and tourists who are just in town for a short period.
Here is a look at what fresh52 has to offer and why it’s worth visiting.

Locally Grown And Crafted

The trend of farmers markets in local communities has stormed across America. These small markets are perfect for locally grown food and crafted projects. At fresh52, you’ll find everything from fruits and vegetables that are grown in Vegas, to furniture, knick-knacks and other options to help you furnish your home with. You’ll want to come to fresh52 with your hands empty and plenty of space in the car, because you’ll find plenty to pick up during your day at the farmers market.

Venders and Small Business Owners

For a long time, big businesses were important for American cities across the country. However, as the economy continues to build itself out of the housing bubble burst of 2008, more and more people are interested in helping small businesses in their own communities. When you shop at the fresh52 Farmers Market, you’ll work closely with the owners and core members of these businesses. And if you are a small business that calls Vegas home, then this will be the perfect chance for you to meet with others who have similar goals as you do. You never know what marketing opportunities you might come across while shopping at the fresh52 Farmers Market.


It’s the goal of the fresh52 Farmers Market to grow to be an even bigger part of the Vegas community. That is why they often hold events that will draw in people from all over the city. Sometimes these events include something such as a cooking exposition, while other days fresh52 brings in local talent from around Vegas to perform for those in attendance. It’s great to see the sense of community that fresh52 helps to build in the Vegas area of Tivoli Village.

Getting Involved

If you want to be a part of the fresh52 Farmers Market at Tivoli Village, they’d love to have you. You can rent a booth to sell your own items, or you can come down and volunteer with some of the businesses already there. If you want to learn more about getting involved in the fresh52 Farmers Market, contact Tivoli Village to learn more.
Going to the farmers market is a great way to spend your weekend relaxing. With so many different things to do and see while in Vegas, don’t forget the fresh52 Farmers Market at Tivoli Village.

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