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Famous People from Las Vegas

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Of course, Las Vegas is best known across the country–and across the world–as the place to catch your favorite entertainment act. Tons of famous people visit Las Vegas to perform, but did you know that the city has also been the hometown of many well-known people? Here are some of the most notable people lucky enough to call Vegas their home.

Andre Agassi

During his years as a professional tennis player, Andre Agassi was one of the best in the world, and he still remains perhaps the greatest of all time. His GOAT status is hard to argue, as he has dozens of championships and broken records to his name. While Agassi had fairly humble beginnings growing up in Las Vegas, he demonstrated a natural talent for tennis even from an early age. Despite all his success, it’s good to know that he never lost touch with his roots: his foundation has raised millions of dollars for at-risk children and even opened a public charter school in 2001.

Kurt and Kyle Busch

In the NASCAR world, Kurt and Kyle Busch are quite the achievers. With more than 60 Sprint Cup Series wins between them, it’s clear that there must be something in the family genes when it comes to racing. Sure enough, the brothers Busch both started racing from an early age, thanks mostly to a father, Tom, who had a few NASCAR races under his belt himself. The siblings advanced quickly, going from racing go-karts in the suburbs to participating in NASCAR races even before graduating from Durango High School.

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, didn’t live in Las Vegas for all his childhood, but it’s safe to say he’s adopted it as his home. Born in Henderson, Flowers moved to Utah with his family when he was 8 years old, returning just in time to graduate from Chaparral High School. The singer has attributed his Mormon upbringing in Vegas as the reason he entered the world of rock and roll, saying that “without Las Vegas, I would be a wreck.” Likewise, we can thank Vegas for the rest of The Killers, as the band came about when Flowers answered an ad for musicians in the Las Vegas Weekly.

Carey Hart

Looking at motocross pro Carey Hart’s impressive career, it’s easy to see that he has the blood of a Las Vegas showman in him. Known just as well for his attempts at the world’s first motorcycle backflip as he is for his signature move, the “Hart Atttack,” Hart grew up racing bikes with his dad, a construction worker who owns his own company in Vegas. While Vegas may have made its mark on Hart, he’s likewise made his mark on Vegas: in 2004, he opened up the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company in the Hard Rock Hotel, the inner workings of the business being documented in the A&E reality series Inked.

Rutina Wesley

You probably know Rutina Wesley best for her down-south character Tara Thornton from True Blood, but Wesley is a Las Vegan through and through. She grew up the daughter of a professional tap dancer and a showgirl, attending the Las Vegas Academy and studying dance at the West Las Vegas Arts Center. Along with Wesley’s big role in True Blood, she’s also appeared in other shows like Hannibal and Arrow. While Wesley lives in Los Angeles now, she’s said that she still finds time to return to Vegas once or twice a year to visit family.

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